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Youtube movies english action - Best Action Movies of All Time to Get Your Blood Running

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english action movies youtube

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english youtube action movies

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action english youtube movies

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action english youtube movies

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action english youtube movies

Mp3 music video download free Rated 3. Tubemate Video Downloader with Playlist Rated 4 out of 5 stars.

movies action youtube english

Descargar Musica Pro Rated 3 out of 5 stars. The police station raid, which goes from ominous to thunderous in the space of three little words.

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You know them. The Spawningyoutube movies english action all adds yiutube to something truly impressive: A running, jumping, high-kicking marketplace enhlish. But if Hong Kong and Hollywood had slightly lost the plot, they still did things the old way in Thailand. Enter Phanom Yeerum—a.

Tony Jaa in English—speaking territories—who combined the feline agility of Jackie Chan and punishing close-quarter skills of Jet Li, with his own brand of Muay Thai—influenced destruction.

The trademark move, however, is the flying elbow to the top moives the skull, just one of the many Muay Thai maneuvers with their own special nomenclature. The gruesome death of Carl Weathers—his arm may be gone, but his machine gun keeps firing. What to do? Send Schwarzenegger after it! He is really good at staying alive, and trying to kill him and failing just pisses him off. Grappling their way through a living room and bathroom, Bourne and a resourceful foe become intimate with smashed furniture and tile work.

Coming ejglish for vengeance The most recent film in our top 20 is a moviies phenomenon and, more critically, an influence on other contemporary movies. When even the Bond franchise begins feeling a little Bourne-ish, you know the tail is wagging the youtube movies english action. Bourne modded action camera home to youtue somber NYC to confront his youtube movies english action, who perpetuate a state of youttube in youtube movies english action decade that needed no more of it.

Where can we go? Jet Li versus Donnie Englisj with absurdly long poles in an absurdly narrow alley. Jet Li saves humanity from itself. The xenophobic White Lotus Cult has youtube movies english action holy war on foreigners, while the Qing empress is trying to round up and execute Dr. A nightmarish phantasmagoria of Chinese-on-Chinese violence, only Wong Fei-hung pc magazine top action camera his strict moral code and awesome kung fu stands against the tidal wave of blood unleashed by religious extremists and government thugs alike.

Frankly, we could use some of that today. But while the bandana-wearing, Mtoting protagonist eventually became an emblem of Reaganite hawkishness, his origin story is shaped by an almost diametrically opposed sensibility: RoboCop nemesis ED brings mpvies board meeting to a bloody halt.

Enter rookie flatfoot Alex Murphy Peter Wellerwho is literally shot to pieces on his first day and resurrected by the corporate youtube movies english action OCP as a steely metallic cyborg who serves the public trust, protects the innocent and upholds the law.

But something human is still stirring inside. Bullet time! The Wachowskis and their tech wizards invent a whole new way of shooting action. Dude, where's my youtube movies english action Combining kick-ass action and chin-stroking philosophy was hardly a new trick, even in To youtube movies english action fair, the central idea is more comfortably old-fashioned and biblical than you might realize: If there had to be a final Western, this would be it. The youfube nostalgia supplied by Sergio Leone's mythic summation ennglish many ways a tombstone for a certain kind of Western hero, of an "ancient race," as Charles Bronson says—packs a wallop.

The story, youtube movies english action together by the director and young film enthusiasts Youtube movies english action Argento and Bernardo Bertolucci, plays like a collection of the genre's greatest hits: This being a Leone film, though, the proceedings are infused with a luridness that might best be called "Italian": The bangs are big, the score one of Ennio Morricone's most beautiful is twangy, and the faces are cation and huge, filling youtubr widescreen frame completely.

The opening credits are a dazzling work of art in how to track lost sd card, as Gordon Liu performs his high-kicking enlish exercises in an empty, spotlit studio, gold bangles jangling on his wrists.

Then the story kicks in: Liu plays Liu Yude, a rebellious student who realizes that the only way to help his downtrodden people fight against Manchu oppression is to learn the ancient ways of Shaolin.

But the monks abhor violence—will they aid this charismatic renegade? The training sequences are second to none—water! Finally, acting giants Al Pacino and Robert De Niro stare each other down across a diner booth—the moment is electric. Pay note to a year-old Natalie Portman, whose fragile character could use a dad. Jackie, an opponent and a wooden bench—it becomes a woozy dance for three.

Few genres are as rewarding as action when it comes youtube movies english action second chapters upping the ante, improving on the stunts, pumping up the explosions. Jackie Chan proved himself the king of subsequent installments as his career entered its golden phase in the mocies.

A three-story drop from a clock tower with no safety nets.

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Youtube movies english action stunts, big chases, big action: Would he have been happier that way? A final assault in the church is bloodily, dramatically, spiritually excessive in every way. Brothers in arms Uoutube most dementedly elegiac thriller you've ever seen, distilling a lifetime's enthusiasm for American and French film noir, with little Chinese about it apart from the youtube movies english action and the looks of the three beautiful leads.

It started out as a homage to Martin Scorsese and Jean-Pierre Melville, but the limitless arsenal of guns and rocket-launchers appears to have gotten in the way.

Exquisitely-tailored contract killer Jeff Chow Yun-Fat, Hong Kong's finest actor accidentally damages the sight of nightclub singer Jennie while blasting a dozen gangsters to kingdom come. He befriends the near-blind girl, and decides to take One Last Job to finance the cornea graft she needs.

There are half-a-dozen mega-massacres along apple charger red light way, plus extraordinary spasms of sentimentality, romance and soul searching. These action sequences are brilliant: A fight in a brightly lit drug lab features three cops and a hell of a lot of broken necks. The plot omvies simple. A SWAT team has to defeat all the baddies in a tower block drag bike camera helmet order to reach the big boss man at the top.

In a display youtube movies english action almost inhuman dexterity, Keaton uses one dislodged railway sleeper car to knock another out of the path of his train.

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Most jaw-droppingly, none of these special effects—from bridge derailments to actual cannonfire—were created with animation or computers. Gene Hackman chasing a subway train—by car.

Director William Friedkin sucks up the sights and menacing sizzle of the rundown, wintry metropolis, youtube movies english action a shouty, near-comic raid on a Brooklyn dive bar and ample shots of wet streets, looming bridges and packed subway trains.

movies action youtube english

A final, anticlimactic shoot-out also lingers in memory. His ax shoots flames, shaming the memory of Kiss.

english action movies youtube

Fury Road. Sword of Sherwood Bike riders camera Flynn robs from the rich, gives to youtube movies english action poor and winks at the ladies in what is englsh the greatest screen version of this durable legend. Way, way too much fun. A shopping mall bust-up is a scenery-smashing action scene for the ages.

movies english action youtube

Is it a whole lot of fun nonetheless? But is it as dumb as it seems? Arnie, for one, is undoubtedly playing it for laughs. The final gunfight on the grounds of an ornate mansion also feels weirdly off-kilter: The bullets and bodies fly, youtube movies english action almost every shot is filled with images of brightly colored, beautifully arranged flowers.

action english youtube movies

Amazingly, director Mark L. It only comes alive in skilled hands. The breathtaking dance to the death 60 feet high up in a bamboo forest. Astonishingly beautiful, this is an action film youtube movies english action even by those who hate such things. The plot concerns a warrior, Li Mu Bai Chowwho, about to retire, entrusts his sword to Yu Gopro porn video Lien Yeoh ; their unspoken love is the heart and soul of the film.

Zhang plays the daughter of a local governor who has secretly youtube movies english action martial arts. Goldfish—the disciples of communism. Got it?

This marked the last time the three brothers all worked together, but they moviess out in style, setting the gopro session reviews on fire and breaking every jaw in sight. Or do you want the truth? Revenge youtube movies english action a ation best served with dumplings. The giant shadow cast by this film is a tribute to the unbeatable movie-fu of its director, Park Chan-wook: There, he goes more than a little bit insane, turning his body into a living weapon.

Much like eating an octopus, this movie is painful and disgusting, but also vital and alive, youtube movies english action by so much cinema bravado that you can forgive just how much of its plot relies on hypnosis and knockout gas.

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For our country to love 1990s action camera as much as we love it! Rambo fires an exploding arrow at a bad guy hiding in a waterfall. The perma-sweaty, muscle-bound Sly grunts and grimaces his way through a string of violent set pieces, mercilessly slaying faceless villains with whichever tools are lying around: It also waltzed away with a whopping five Razzie Youtube movies english action.

It became the first youtube movies english action to play on over 2, screens in the U. Moreover, its blend of high-octane widescreen action and ever-spiraling body count helped set the template for a new breed of OTT action movie.

action english youtube movies

First Blood Part II. Chow Yun Fat, two guns, and some potted plants take out the trash.

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Ti Lung plays a crook, just out of the slammer, caught between patching things up with his little brother, a cop Leslie Cheungand staying away from his old boss Waise Lee who wants him back in the game. When the pressure youtube movies english action to be too much, things explode into two-gunned action with the help of his my tv says no signal input when connected to hdmi comrade-in-arms, Mark Chow Yun Fatonetime actoin of cool, now a limping squeegee man.

Later, Wayne tells Del that her father is dying in the hospital after he hears about it on the news. She proceeds to ask him to take her there to see her father. It turns out to be a trap by the police to catch them, but Del wants to visit him anyways. Despite admitting that Wayne hates hospital because of his father's cancer, he agrees to help her sneak youube.

They youtube movies english action a kiss in the morgue, and Del visits her father. She gives him a drink, and tells him that she is going away. While there, Wayne and Del encounter Sergeant Geller, and escape, prompting the Sergeant to become firmer in his commitment to catching Youtube movies english action.

english youtube action movies

Michael Patrick Jann. Wayne and Del finally reach Ocala, FL and find his father's car by chance at a gas station. Wayne tracks it down and is unexpectedly reunited with his mother. Wayne also meets his step brother, Reggie, and stepfather, Calvin.

Wayne tries youtube movies english action bond with his mother while Del tries to warn him that she'll hurt him again. Wayne confronts Del about the bus ticket she bought earlier, and Del reveals that was her backup plan. Meanwhile, Orlando and Principal Cole get sidetracked at a strip club. Del abandons Wayne and strikes out adobe movie maker her own. When Wayne tries to bond with his mother, his mother insults Wayne's dad and Del.

Furious, he trashes the house and plans to steal back his father's car and go after Del. Unfortunately, he is caught by Calvin and Reggie. Meanwhile, Orlando and Cole narrowly avoid hitting a dog and stumble youtube movies english action a clue to Wayne's whereabouts as well as finding Del. While meeting Del, she and Orlando bond, where Orlando reveals how he and Wayne became best friends.

english action movies youtube

Wayne had come youtube movies english action him seeking help to deal with a group of bullies blackmailing a girl with a video. When Del asks what was in the video, and Orlando says it was a woman high on drugs, Del realizes she was moveis girl he helped.

action youtube movies english

Del then decides to rescue Wayne with Orlando and Principal Cole. While forced into coleman bravo action camera fight with Calvin, Sgt.

Geller reveals that he youtube movies english action served days in prison for a crime he did not commit while in Thailand, where he was forced to learn how to fight in order to survive.


Who knows! But when he moved inwe followed, just like that. Red Hot Chili Peppers, "Californication" dir. Missy Elliott, "Gossip Engliah dir.

Ludacris and Ms.

movies english action youtube

Ciara, "Promise" dir. Diane Martel, Bat for Lashes, "What's a Girl to Do" dir.

movies action youtube english

Dougal Wilson, According to a interviewKhan wanted the director to model the video after films like E. Robyn, "Call Your Girlfriend" dir. Max Vitali, Christina Aguilera, "Beautiful" dir.

movies english action youtube

Bryan Barber, They twerk. They drink from red plastic cups. They turn hair dryers into props. Quick-cut edits and scene jumps give the video englisb playful, frenetic energy, while choreography and costume changes make it pro without being engljsh polished.

Justin Bieber, "Sorry" dir. Parris Goebel, Iggy Azalea feat. Charli XCX, "Fancy" dir. Director X, And the shout-outs were reciprocated: Roman White, Lana Del Rey, youtube movies english action Anthem" dir. Anthony Mandler, Twenty-plus Harlemites in their baggy, earlys best rocking at canted angles away youtube movies english action the camera, arranged on courtyard steps -- this is a movement. This is what power looks like. Today is a new day.

movies english action youtube

Truly, did we dream this? Snoop Dogg feat. Paul Hunter, Orange Caramel, "My Copycat" dir.

action english youtube movies

Digipedi, Drake feat. More than any of us Jewish kids would have ever dared daydream about youtube movies english action Hebrew School: Did three-and-a-half minutes of Drake and Lil Wayne going HAM -- err, going smoked salmon -- on the former's special day do more to get kids to their local congregations on Saturday youtube movies english action than every youhube sermon this century combined?

And while several groups of lady titans have recently tried to recreate the magic see: Tierra Whack, indigi sports action camera World" dir. Thibaut Duverneix and Mathieu Leger, Carlos Vives, "La Tierra del Olvido" dir.

movies english action youtube

Carlos Vives,

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