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Window 8 picture - Change Default Media Player and Photo Viewer in Windows 8

Jump to How to change Lock screen background and Profile picture in - profile picture in Windows step 1 choose standard pictures provided by.

Windows 8.1: The Missing Manual by David Pogue

If it is a photo, click or tap it to wiindow icons for various options at the bottom of the screen You now have three options: Open — to open the file to view window 8 picture. Save — to save the winxow in the appropriate Library. A window will open showing the folders window 8 picture in the appropriate library. If you want to save the file in one of your folders, click on it and it will open. To choose a different Library, click Go up. At the bottom of the window is a white bar with the file name in it.

picture window 8

Type a different name if you wish. Click Save. To find the file in the future Step 1: Next steps. Window 8 picture to get an email account. How to use File Explorer wiindow Windows 8. How to use the Windows 8. Search Guides Search.

Sep 1, - I had to manually keep right-clicking on the files and choosing Open By default, the Photos app in Windows 8 will open most picture files, but.

Most read guides. What is Android? What is WordPad? What is an online community? Newest guides. Top ten apps for mental health and wellbeing. How to use StreetLink to window 8 picture get homeless people off the street. Share is used when action camera campark x20 tasks like window 8 picture pictures. Share items to attach them to emails, place them in your OneDrive, or a number of other functions depending on the file.

Start returns you to the start menu. Devices allows you to access things like a second screen, or to set up and use usb connect to pc. What is available will depend on what you have and what program you are using. This is how you turn the computer off or put it to sleep, connect to the internet, manage the sound, personalize the computer, and access the control panel, among other functions.

Switch between windows. Switch between windows, programs, window 8 picture apps by holding your mouse in the top left-hand corner of the screen and clicking the left mouse button.

picture window 8

This will cycle through the currently running programs. To navigate window 8 picture a specific program quickly, hold window 8 picture mouse in that corner and drag directly down to sachi and sachi internships the equivalent of the taskbar, which will picthre all open programs.

Remember that the desktop is treated as a single application, so you may need to open the desktop before being able to go directly to the program you wish to access.

picture window 8

Open programs. Window 8 picture programs and applications by clicking tiles on the start screen or program icons in desktop view. You may wish to create tiles for programs, which you use often, which are discussed below. Programs can be pinned to the desktop window 8 picture similarly to previous versions. This is not available for all programs. Pinning to the start menu, however, should always be available. Close programs.

Close programs using the familiar "x" button at the top right corner of program windows. Windoe this is not available, you can window 8 picture the side taskbar by holding your mouse in the upper left corner and dragging down, then right clicking on the program you wish to close. wiindow

picture window 8

Use multiple programs simultaneously. You may eventually find that wnidow you navigate away from, say, your internet window where a song is window 8 picture on YouTube, the music will stop.

If you want to use two programs in Windows 8 at once, you will need to put the computer into the windowed mode.

8 picture window

Do this by winsow both programs open at once. Hold your mouse in the top left corner and the other program you wish to view should appear. Grab the image and then hold it at the edge of the screen until the side pops out. Let go and both programs will be open and running. Windows window 8 picture. Tablets, for example, can still only have two.

8 picture window

Use the Office Suite. If you have the newest version window 8 picture the Office Suite which was designed to pair with Windows 8, you may notice that it has a much more sleek interface.

How to Set Picture Password on Windows 8

The functionality is largely the same, window 8 picture, to Hero 4 user manual 7, so if you are acquainted with that version you should have an easy time switching over. Certain new features have been added to the various programs to improve functionality and you will likely find your Office experience much more productive and simpler to use.

Use the Mail application. This is a useful application, which handles all of your email accounts by streaming them together into a single program. You will be able to view, send, and organize all of your mail from this single program. Window 8 picture email accounts by clicking settings from the charms menu and then clicking Accounts and Add accounts.

If you'd like change which app is used to automatically open your photos, see Choose the apps Windows uses by default. See photos and videos in the Photos.

Use OneDrive. OneDrive is an application which allows you to store files on the internet, hero 3 microphone they can be accessed from anywhere. You can window 8 picture these files private, make them public, or share them with particular individuals. You plcture create folders, upload files, pictufe well as do things like refresh the screen and view details by right clicking in the background of the window.

Use of Microsoft OneDrive usually requires window 8 picture subscription but some features may be available for free.

8 picture window

Use the Store. The Windows Store is a helpful facebook live streaming that allows you window 8 picture find and download new programs to use on your device. Some are free, while others will cost money.

You can download games, productivity, social and entertainment, sports, reading applications, as well as various other programs.

Which Screen is Which?

Access the Accessories. You may wish to access some of the programs previously contained in the accessories menu, such as Notepad or the Calculator. These programs and utilities are still included in Windows 8 and can be found by clicking the search button on the charms menu and generally scrolling all the way to the right. Window 8 picture programs will generally run in Desktop pictur and are window 8 picture as a single entity.

8 picture window

Use the new printing tools. You will need to make sure you have set up a printer through the devices charm.

HP PCs - Copying Photos from a Camera to Your Computer (Windows 8) | HP® Customer Support

For programs that run on desktop or have familiar window 8 picture, you can print in the same way you are used to printing. Setting up custom tiles. Wiindow memory card. If your computer does not have a built-in card reader, you can use an external USB card reader that is compatible with your camera's memory card type.

picture window 8

Memory card reader in a notebook computer. Memory card reader in a standard desktop PC.

8 picture window

Memory card reader in TouchSmart or AiO. Wait while Windows recognizes the memory card and configures it for use in Windows. A window opens in the upper right corner of the computer screen showing the name of the window 8 picture or memory device.

Memory card detected.

picture window 8

Memory card AutoPlay. Dindow on a memory card. Step 2: Import Pictures and Videos feature in Windows 8 After your hardware has been jabil technology, the camera or memory card opens showing the pictures or videos on the device. Follow these steps to transfer the photos from the camera or memory card to the computer. Select the pictures you want to import to your computer.

Selected pictures or videos have a check in the upper right window 8 picture. If you would like the filenames on each file to start with a name, other than simply a number, then type a name in the field provided. Otherwise, leave the field blank. Import your camera or memory window 8 picture contents.

Importing photos. When Importing is window 8 picture, click Open folder to view the pictures or videos. Import complete. Scroll through your photos.

8 picture window

Small pictures, for example, need to be either stretched to fit the space or spread across the screen in rows like tiles on a floor. When tiling and stretching still look odd or distorted, try the Fill or Fit option to keep the perspective. Or try centering the image and leaving blank space around window 8 picture edges. Window 8 picture top hd camcorders automatically switch between images by choosing more than one photo.

Hold down Ctrl while clicking each one.

Create a Picture Password - Windows 8

The picture then changes every 30 minutes unless you change the time in the Change Picture Every drop-down list.

News:Lock screen picture is the background image in your lock screen on windows 8. Select 'Personalize.

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