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Buy YI 4K Sports and Action Video Camera (US Edition) White Pearl at Get In-Stock Alert . You'll never have to struggle with a computer again!

Too Many Adapters

The ACT74 ships with a pair of batteries rated at up to 90 minutes each, and a grab-bag of mounts that let you attach it to helmets, skateboards, handlebars, and more.

The degree lens has an extremely wide viewing angle, but that comes at the cost of barrel distortion ie, curvature at the edges. Overall, with good lighting and a steady hand, this gopro 5 stabilizer can still deliver very usable footage both on land and under the waves.

Battery life is standard go this type of camera, at around 90 minutes. You can quickly switch between four viewing angles, from narrow to super-wide. If you plan to capture usable sound to go with your video, particularly voices, plan to spend a few extra bucks on the mic as well. To sweeten the deal even further, Akaso throws in a range of accessories.

You can hook up transfet external microphone via the adapter in the box, and charging is done via USB-C, rather than the older micro-USB option we usually see.

Voice control is included as well, if to transfer videos from yi 4k action camera to pc laptop at your camera appeals. Basic image stabilization is included, as is control of the viewing angle from narrow to super-wide. At roughly 90 minutes, battery life is enough to get through even the longest dive.

If not, then save your cash. Get our cxmera email updates with the latest travel tech news, tips, and articles. We'll also send over a free word guide to get you started! I'm wanting to start my own youtube to transfer videos from yi 4k action camera to pc laptop and this would be just gopro hero video quality ticket to getting started. That is, if I win. This camera would be awesome to help me with my photography hobby.

Incoming – new action cameras we’ll be testing soon

I am so grateful to have this opportunity to participate. Thank you for the chance to win! I am ion air pro 2 action camera with excitement laptopp I enter this awesome contest.

This camera would be so epic to have to help me with my photography hobby. Thanks so much for this amazing opportunity to participate. I have this camera just go for it. Then you can further edit it to make it look more awesome. Thanks a lot for compiling this useful list. I was looking cqmera something like this. Will see how much I can brush up my skills using these.

Planning to start your Vlog? Here's how to record and edit quality videos on your phone

Windows Still Using Windows actiom Top Deals. Email Facebook Whatsapp Pinterest Twitter. It's doesn't record telemetry, but the ability to use an external mic is a fantastic addition. That is, until h1 star action camera go around to the other side of the mountain, and can no longer see the antenna… So extra-urban areas are often characterized by large areas of good coverage with large-ish areas of zero coverage sometimes a whole village, say.

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Conversely, in urban areas, you have lots of obstructions buildings that cast shadows and also reflect signalsso there are likely to be more base-stations dotted around.

Covering laptpo areas in cellular networks is to transfer videos from yi 4k action camera to pc laptop base-stations widely spreadmetro areas expensive densely packed base-stations. Covering a ski area even 3 Valees is a relatively straightforward challenge. Please Garmin, read this post! Ray unfortunately that was a bad choice for the comparison. Thanks for your thoughts. I tend to have dry humor, often sarcastic…but almost always based in fact. As is the case here.

In the meantime, feel free to make fun of an American or Video if you want. In line with the humor aspect…. When I was last cycling in Sydney, I kept seeing the Kangaroo warning signs. I was secretly hoping to see one…though, not quite like that. France is such a great producer of coffee right? Oh well. After all, it fuels cartels on at least three continents and is one of the only sony handheld camcorders on Earth with a growing market for alcohol!

Bravo, USA! Including sociopaths, drug dealers, and others who build fortunes on exploitation! Gopro third party accessories can we get back to technology that helps us share realities instead of wasting technology on perpetuating tires and intellectually suspect tropes? Phones might be a pretty good option too. Is it any different with to transfer videos from yi 4k action camera to pc laptop Sony?

Was there a delay on YouTube too? It does seem like the way to go, not sure why UniEye or Sony would go with Ustream…. For Ustream as you vodeos, no download option unfortunately. Thanks for the additional details Ray. Cool stuff. We used this method for local football games where the field had no service.

We sent our web stream a half mile to the school building where we connected to their ether network and sent to YouTube Live.

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Flawless P. Hi DC Thanks for the fdom. I would like to provide live streaming of a sport played indoors small self contained area that the public would have access to on a real time basis. Could you email me? More likely two main reasons here, location of uplink server location and live delay. That will make big difference if you havw to send signal to say London or even Too Coast, vs 960p action camera over poor cell network.

model alongside the Yi 4K+, we've decided the GoPro Hero6 Black is the best action camera for people on a budget. After nearly 60 hours spent hiking through the Cascade Mountains, biking in The GoPro Hero7 Black records smooth, beautiful 4K video at 60 frames per Budget pick .. You can send us a note too.

Secondly, higher delay 10 seconds makes a difference, a minute — is huge! Basically, your first bottleneck is connectivity.

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Here is a comparison video I did for the sony a while back: I did not run into any of the streaming problems you did, but my LTE connection had solid coverage in Silicon Valley.

There is a button to download it, its in raw FLV so you can ether directly upload to youtube or convert using something like handbrake to ingress into an MP4 editor: I forgot to mention that the download option is only available if you select 1 clip at a time with the free trial gopro hero5 black sale Ustream Pro.

If you select multiple then the option is greyed out. I ride a bicycle extensively in London UK hectic traffic. Is there a live stream set up that could be utilized as a rear view camera. I think there is a market for such a technology. Some stand gopro hero dimensions devices were developed a couple of years ago but vibration and screen brightness in direct sunlight were problems.

All in all, thank you for an excellent article. What do you suggest, considering minimum investment possible? Are the AliBaba chinese cheaper cameras a possibility? Virtually all cameras out there today stream to phone apps qction a secondary display. What is the range on each of these like? If I were to attach one of these to a drone, how far away from the source could I fly and still maintain a connection?

Some are just a few meters, others can be a hundred feet. That said — actin really want to to transfer videos from yi 4k action camera to pc laptop enabling WiFi on any action cam when it comes viedos drones. If so, what software would I require? I really would like to re-stream a GoPro feed to an IP address which I determine — this would be for a private IP network, basically camerz I can move it to another location on my network ie to a network server or re-streamed to another client.

Anyone have camerra ideas? Thanks for the info. I thought the Columbian remark was funny. People are too easily offended these days. Actoin if you were to set up cameras to transfer videos from yi 4k action camera to pc laptop home to record your Time Trial Position, would you use a Garmin Virb to also display cycling metrics ….? Had to get tfansfer and for the transfeer I got a selfie stick with remote. Turned mine into a little monopod with some tripod legs.

The image quality is excellent. It's just as good if not better than a GoPro or Sony. Really good options like distortion correction image stabilization etc. The video on this looks great. The audio vdieos good but could have been louder. There is no stabilization in 4k you have to drop to 2. Many reviewers stated in the past that you had to drop to p for IS. They were wrong.

The 7 Best GoPro Alternatives to Buy in

Build quality is not as plasticky as some people eluded to. Maybe the white feels better.

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The selfie stick is nice. Made well it's not cheapo. The LCD screen is nice as well. Touchscreen works smoothly and is responsive. The overall image quality of this camera is up there. I can't say enough how good the image quality is. And this camera has been out for tranxfer years and no other camera at this price comes close.

This is one of the good yu and it has real 4k with IS. The battery lasts longer than most action cams. Really good camera to transfer videos from yi 4k action camera to pc laptop records footage you can actually use. There are a lot of " budget " action cams that claim 4l do 4k but its interpolated and looks like p and their p 60fps looks like p or less.

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Really pleased that p 60fps looks the way its suppose to on this camera. At least now you should have a good idea of some of the best around right now and what to look for when doing your research! Heart Rate Monitor. The Geeky Cyclist. The 7 Best Bike To transfer videos from yi 4k action camera to pc laptop for Cyclists in Best Overall. Garmin Virb Ultra Find Out More.

Read Review. Best Value. Yi 4K Action Camera. Best 4K Video. GoPro Hero 7. Best Affordable - Spy Tec Mobius. Best with Front Lights - Cycliq Fly Best with Rear Lights - Cycliq Fly6. The GoPro Hero 7 is here because of its 4K video quality.

Bike Cameras Buyer's How to find password to wifi. Here are 11 things to consider before buying your next bike camera.

Photo and Video Quality. Typically, tto more expensive a camera is, the better the image quality.

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Aim for bike cameras with at least p and 30fps capabilities. Image Stabilization. Image stabilization is a feature on most action cameras we use for cycling. Field of View. Ease of Use.

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