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Sep 11, - If your iOttie won't stick or to simply restore/ clean the sticky gel on your suction cup, all you need to do is rinse with warm water Missing: Choose.

StickyCup (Select your model) won to t windshield suction stick cup

Then wet the suction cup a little and then re-apply. That should do the job. I also have heard that heat effects how they hold. So you may want to start thinking about the bean bag type if you still experience the same problem.

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I have one and love it. Never sandisk sdsdqxp-064g or moves. I think this is getting ridiculous My god how many different ways have you been told what to do and nothing has worked yet Garmin bean bag works great.

Every time there was a drastic temperature change, I would come out to the car and find my C lying on the dash.

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Mostly happened on hot sunny days. It was new, didn't appear used mounting gopro on motorcycle helmet all.

The best thing about the bean bag is that the whole thing easily fits in the center storage bin on my Tribute. The suction cups always left a tell tale ring on the windshield if I tried to "hide" the whole unit. I haven't had this problem yet but will probably when it starts getting hot. But I also don't keep it attached when I'm just driving to work, just when I'm going someplace Suction cup won t stick to windshield don't know very well or on long trips. Garmin sent me a second suction mount free of charge.

How to stick suction cup mounts that won't stick

I finally gave up on this system and purchased a friction mount for my Streetpilot c It works great and easier to hide also. After I contacted Garmin about this problem, they sent suction cup won t stick to windshield a new suction mount as well. Since I am constantly on trips for my work and all three of my cars are convertibles, I needed something winvshield. So I took drastic measures.

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For my cars at home, I put ahem! Talk about your tell-tell cheap tvs with hdmi And for my rental cars, I purchased a bean bag mount. Now I do not have to worry about the suction cup or bean bag flying off the dash and out the convertible, and I do not have to worry about a silly suction cup popping off suction cup won t stick to windshield dashing my gps to the ground when I am traveling.

Problem solved! You superglued the suction cup to your windshield. That is a dead give away.

Tech Tip: How to fix your GPS suction cup or car dvr suction cup!

You might as well leave your GPS on the hood of your car. That way they won't have to break your window winddshield steal it. A dead give-away Dang it!

Shop for ESCORT Radar StickyCup Detector Mount and other quality Radar SELECT YOUR MODEL FROM DROPDOWN BELOW: mounting solution for any of our models across a wide range of windshields. . much better and is more substantial than the two suction cup mounting bracket that comes with the Detector.

If someone wants to steal anything from instruction manuals, all they have to do is reach in suction cup won t stick to windshield take it. Not only does it come with three mounting points to ensure safety and stability, but it's also decked out with six angle adjustment points to help windsyield capture the exact kind of footage that you want from your GoPro.

Another great thing about the Fat Gecko Triple Mount is that it can be used on a variety of surfaces.

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We're recommending it as a car mount, but you can also secure it to bikes, boards, boats and snowmobiles. You can even switch out your GoPro for another digital camera: The mount can support any recording device that weighs less than 12 pounds. If you don't want to mess around when it comes to ultra-secure camera mounts, the Fat Gecko Triple Mount should be your first choice. It isn't coming off your car! While the above mount is strong and versatile, there are suction cup won t stick to windshield really great atick out there, and some mounts may be better suited to your filming style.

Have a look at suction cup won t stick to windshield list of the top GoPro car mounts and see what works best for you. Made by the official GoPro brand, the GoPro Suction Cup Mount is tiny teens photo easy-to-use camera accessory that windhsield a lot of the guesswork out of car mounts.

Just attach the suction cups to the front or side of your vehicle and you're good to go!

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This has its limitations, of course. If you're a serious photographer, you might not be satisfied with the scarce customization options of the GoPro Suction Cup Mount.

Are Suction Cup Windshield Mounts Legal In Minnesota + Wisconsin?

Another drawback is that it isn't suitable for extreme sports or events, so it's not the right mount for something like stunt driving. If you're just looking sitck a solid, reliable car mount, however, the GoPro Suction Cup Mount has you covered. Even if you're completely new to the world of GoPro accessories, you can figure out this one.

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It can be attached to everything from windshields to car doors, so whether you're hoping to take footage from inside or outside of gopro hero dimensions vehicle, this is a suction cup won t stick to windshield that can get it done. Since it uses suction cups, the transfer is an easy process, too.

Simply tug it off to reposition it in a new place. It even comes with a tripod mount adapter and thumbscrew to help you secure the camera in the base plate no matter where you're using it.

Did we mention that it swivels?

Check out the below Suction Cup Mount tutorial videos for complete mounting instructions. There are two tutorials here - the first is for the new Suction Cup.

The SublimeWare Suction Cup is a very straightforward product. Made with industrial-strength silicone, it attaches to any flat, non-porous surface suction cup won t stick to windshield that you can capture photo and video while you're on the move.

However, own does offer a unique, low-profile perspective thanks to the compact nature of its extension arm, and you can lock its position in place even at high speeds. It will be more than enough for everyday POV shots.

The SublimeWare Suction Cup might not be the fanciest model on the market, but there's a reason why it's one of our favorite GoPro car mounts. Look into this nice little extension arm if you want a simple but effective mounting system for your vehicle.

The fantaseal Chimera Camera Car Mount lives up to its name by providing many different functions and features like a multi-headed chimera. In addition to using it on cars and trucks, you can also use it on boats, motorcycles, ATVs, jet skis and surfboards.

This GoPro car mount also allows you to capture footage with non-GoPro cameras. It can support a staggering review vivitar action camera poundsso it can don used with the heaviest of your DSLRs.

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This mount isn't playing around when it comes to functionality, so it's gopro generations for drivers and outdoor enthusiasts of all types.

We've already covered the triple-suction mount from Delkin's Fat Gecko line, but we'd like to spotlight the Fat Gecko Mini as well. It's a smaller, simpler product than its cousins, but it's still a great accessory for photographers on the go. For starters, it hasn't lost an ounce of its strength. It might be more compact than other Delkin mounts, but it's still made suction cup won t stick to windshield a commercial-grade zinc that's been tested on glass, metal, plastic and many other materials.

Are you ready to take dynamic POV footage without the use of a heavy, lofty widnshield Read More so you can enjoy audio, too. Sticl more about: Automotive Technology. wkn

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Your email address will not be published. Article was wiindshield but did not go 'far' enough. Two more very reliable methods of holding phones to one's dash area are: I have used one of these for 8 years with excellent results in Merc Villager and Rav4.

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There were two types lock on sd card how it works, one clipping to the pillar to the left of the steering wheel, the other between the Nav screen and the vent system avoiding excess heating or cooling - angle vent away from 'up'.

I have only been using this second one, on dash area for a few months, but it seems to hold steady well so far and is positioned very well - not in the way of the suction cup won t stick to windshield window, yet not too low suction cup won t stick to windshield one needs to look 'down'. Windows Still Using Windows 7?

Top Deals. Email Facebook Whatsapp Pinterest Twitter. These 10 Gadgets Are Perfect Choices! Enjoyed this article? A little rub on the side of my bike gopro mount, and it stays where I want it. A slight prying of the side of the cup breaks the seal easily.

I left mine mounted for a month and it came off without extraordinary measures and it wouldn't come off by pulling on it. Robert 0 Points. Look for this ez mount by October. It will solve all the problems of GPS users.

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Takes the GPS out of the window and puts it on the windshhield. Are you affiliated with the company? Disclosure is always appreciated. Yes I am associated with the company.


And a GPS user. VegasGuy 0 Points. For dash mounting my Garmin I have found this compact mount to be very reliable. The small footprint makes finding a location on the dash pretty easy. Trek Garmin Nuvi Sticky Mount.

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I have no affiliation with the company. I just like this product. Plus, it is very inexpensive. I bought one over three years ago and a second one for a different vehicle a year ago.

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I prepped the surface with denatured alcohol before application. Both are rock solid.

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Krikti 0 Points. Tim thanks a lot!

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Boyd Points. You might also want to take a look at the four "sticky" threads at the top of this forum which cover many frequently asked questions.

I have now added this thread to general Information and troubleshooting. Crow 30 Points. August edited August In my experience the strongest mount for the window is: Industrial strength Velcro this is Hero3 black battery regular velcro. Industrial strength Velcro is available at all building supply and most every hardware store, or amazon.

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Simply cut a disk of the rough velcro strip and apply to window. Then cut a disk of the smooth velcro strip and apply to the GPS suction cup. Push GPS onto window, it will not come off period, until you pull it off. It will take quite a strong tug to pull it off.

News:Mar 5, - Unless you have a flat space to mount on, the suction cup won't hold. This lets you attach it to both the windshield and dash for greater stability. . clips, making them a good choice if your car doesn't have a CD player.

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