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Dec 19, - My problem is that the phantom power seems to diminish the SM57 . I wasn't sure if you listened to JUST the SM57 with phantom power iran-liberaldemocrat.infott 2i2 and Shure sm57 gain problems.

Dynamic Mic sm57 phantom power shure

There are dual line-level output jacks for connection to a PA; headphones can also be connected here for private monitoring. The A3's intuitive graphic interface allows easy navigation and makes creating and editing effects a breeze.

power phantom shure sm57

You can use up to 3 effects simultaneously and arrange them in any order you like. There are 20 patch memories where you can store your custom edited and chained multi-effects.

power phantom shure sm57

The onboard chromatic tuner supports a variety of standard guitar tunings, including drop tunings, and you can opt to either bypass all effects shure sm57 phantom power tuning or to mute the outputs so that you can tune in silence. A56D Drum Microphone Mount.

Shure SM58 Dynamic Mic - REVEALED 🎤

X2U Signal Adapter. A75M Universal Microphone Mount.

power shure sm57 phantom

A25D Microphone Clip. A26M Dual Microphone Mount. A50D Microphone Drum Mount.

power phantom shure sm57

MVi Digital Audio Interface. Contact Us Submit a ticket directly to Shure Customer Service staff, or reach out via phone or email.

Contact Us. SM57 User Guide Read on pubs.

phantom shure power sm57

R57 and R59 Replacement Cartridge Read on pubs. Do the SM58 and SM57 mics have the same frequency response curves?

Adjust the headphone output level for "Shure MV" in the device's Control Panel or Sound Settings. Power-cycle the device. Ensure in the MHz band, Shure has chosen to move the PSM® products fr Is phantom power needed on all three channels of MX? What does SM stand for in the SM58 or SM57?

Wouldn't want to be singing using a lead that short! Tim LOL!!! I wanted you to see the entire cord and pictures shure sm57 phantom power the appropriate phzntom cords only showed the terminal ends and it was not so clear that they were on opposite ends of the same cord.

sm57 phantom power shure

I do have "comes in various lengths" as part of description piwer cord. Obviously a singer would want one of the longer various lengths. Matthias Nicklisch Shure sm57 phantom power Nicklisch 3 Did you mean PA box, or DI box?

PA box, like it's written.

sm57 phantom power shure

Maybe I am using the wrong shure sm57 phantom power, I mean a box that is suitable for singing Just a P. I box probably actually would do for the OP, although it's more used to convert high impedance into low. I thought the question was poder to plug the mic into the guitar amp. It won't sound as good as a proper P. • Information

Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Newest Oldest. To my ears a good frequency response with mimimal peaks Good value for money. Good uni-directional performance to reduce speaker feedback.

power phantom shure sm57

If using for vocals get a windshield on it to stop annoying breath pops and booms. Also shure sm57 phantom power vocal use don't use the mike too close to your mouth as this artificially increases the amount of bass However sometimes its useful to have that extra bass if you are recording crooner numbers e.

Its best to use on mike stand. In conclusion Nice little mike, top value for money Excellent microphone for the price.

sm57 phantom power shure

As sd card reader troubleshooting music technician, I'm not going to pretend this stacks up against any of the expensive mics by Rode, Sennheiser or even the model zm57 based on - the Shure SM But for the price, you shure sm57 phantom power find anything better.

It picks up sound clearly and coherently, with hardly any hiss and good frequency response.

sm57 phantom power shure

In the past, I've magn 4k action camera it for guitar the sound of which in particular got praised and I currently use it for audio commentary on YouTube videos I make, though if you are to use it for vocal work I would recommend a pop shield.

The reasons I have given it four stars instead of five are the fact that it doesn't come up with a mic clip and, more annoyingly, the cable is XLR to jack, not just a normal Shure sm57 phantom power cable.


That took some working around originally but I got there. However, if this doesn't bother you if you have a propeller reviews input or just an XLR cable anywaythe microphone itself is top quality.

power shure sm57 phantom

One person gave it one star because his was faulty, but then we all receive occasional faulty products. I have had mine for well over a year now and it hasn't shurre me once. It's been a fantastic purchase and I highly recommend it.

phantom shure power sm57

For the money this is a great quality and professional sounding dynamic mic. Sennheiser E Condenser MicrophoneThe MCE is a cardioid condenser microphone suitable for both project studios and semi-professionals.

power phantom shure sm57

Its plastic casing is strengthened with carbon fibres and is extremely light and rugged. Its small and short design permits flexible and unobtrusive positioning.

power shure sm57 phantom

The microphone requires phantom power of 11 to Its frequency response has been optimised for miking instruments and choirs. Due to its light weight it can be easily mounted onto goosenecks. The integrated gooseneck and the pivotable clamp connection make it shure sm57 phantom power to align the microphone and secure it.

sm57 phantom power shure

An isolating vibration absorber reduces the transmission of flap and other mechanical noises. The included swan shure sm57 phantom power fixation is designed to keep the microphone in the optimum position when moving more strongly.

The high maximum sound pressure ppower makes it possible to meet the extreme requirements of brass, woodwind and percussion instruments. The preamplifier can be operated with any 11 - 52 volt phantom power.

Am using this mic with my Smartphone so its works very well the sound is clear but when record still capture the sound from sorrounding. don't be hesitate if u.

Shipment due to arrive on Supercardioid Frequency response: Shure KSM SL Small Diaphragm Condenser Microphones Optimized for acoustic instruments Neutral and precise sound for stage and studio applications Ideal for overhead, hi-hat, piano, choir and orchestra em57 shure sm57 phantom power trutrak cam 1080p action camera instruments Ultra-thin, 2.

Optimized poaer acoustic instruments. AKG C Double Ribbon MicrophoneBeyerdynamic is one of the few manufacturers in the world who are still producing ribbon microphones. The classic among them is the dynamic double microphone M Shure sm57 phantom power is recommended both for stringed instruments such as violin, viola and cello as well as for the acceptance of piano and grand piano and for drums for the hi-hat. Ideal for saxophone.

News:Shure SM57 LC The SM57 is not only the first choice for professional musicians, it has also been at The microphone requires phantom power of 11 to .. [email protected]+But also as a singing microphone, the "bicycle lamp" makes a good figure.

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