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Periscope for computer - Can I Use The Periscope App With My PC or Mac?

Jun 5, - The iOS version of Periscope, Twitter's live-streaming app, received an the world, selecting live broadcasts from different areas by zooming in.

How Twitter Periscope Works

If you work with a lot of visual elements for example, photographs, periscope for computer movies, or computer games conputer, consider a computer that has a better graphics card.

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Games often involve sound, so a periscope for computer sound card may also be useful. Computers with more sophisticated sound and image instagram share app are often referred to as gaming or multimedia models and they typically require a larger hard disk to handle these functions.

Check out the brand new podcast periscope for computer that makes learning easy — exploring topics as vast as the reference books. Selecting this microphone and webcam in Skype or Zoom will allow your co-host to see and hear the live show in real time. But you can chat with your co-host in your favorite videoconferencing tool periscope for computer, and then capture the video and audio from Skype or Zoom into Wirecast or OBS Studio. Zoom is free for up to 40 minutes.

Then as your confidence grows, you can add more scenes as needed. Think of a go pro low light or scene as your stage. The scene might contain the following elements:. A basic co-hosted show in Wirecast might have just one scene: A more advanced setup may contain multiple shots, as in the example below:. In this shot, you can welcome viewers to the show, while Facebook builds an periscope for computer for you.

There are a few ways to set up a pre-show shot.

Scope | What is Periscope Producer?

This shot might show you, or both you and your co-host. To make this shot a best action camera value different, you can add a transparent overlay and some text. Or peridcope could add your webcam, branding, and a countdown timer, such as in this example from Live Streaming Pros.

You can use a tool such as Wave to create this video. Or you could periscope for computer a static image and play some music ; Canva is a good tool for creating this content.

Make sure you choose royalty-free music for this purpose. Facebook can quickly detect copyrighted wipe computer mac and you could find yourself banned. For the Free Range Social Show periscope for computer, we use a show image created from a pre-designed template and royalty-free music for the theme song.

For co-hosted and interview shows, this is the most important scene. This shot is easier to manage if you have two displays. For example, periscope for computer display 1 for Wirecast and display 2 for Zoom or Skype. Then capture periscope for computer video and audio from Zoom or Skype into Wirecast. To add more variety to your show, create single shots.

When only your co-host is speaking, transition to the shot that shows your co-host only. Then return to the split screen for more conversational segments. Perjscope this shot, share your screen or the window of an app running on your computer.

for computer periscope

This works well if you want to broadcast a webinar using PowerPoint or Keynote, periscope for computer websites via your web browser, or share another app on your computer. Add your webcam and your co-host from Skype or Zoom as small thumbnails. Another cross-platform option is AirServer.

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periscope for computer To end the show, use the same video as before or create a different one. We tend to think periscope for computer quality is everything, but actually people can computfr bad video if the audio is excellent. There are various options, but make sure it is compatible with your smartphone.

Android users in particular need to be careful because the interface can vary considerably from model to model. Why not purchase a wide angle, fish eye or speciality lens for your smartphone waterproof camera and video recorder and make your live videos more interesting? Wide angle and fish eye lenses cram more into the picture - getting more of your background into the video.

If you are an iPhone user then the Olloclip lenses are amazing although a little pricey. Both iOS and Android periscope for computer are catered for, however, by doing a quick search on Amazon for smartphone wide angle pdriscope.

You can make your broadcasts more professional by using a selfie stick to create more space and stability or a smartphone holder or stabilizer.

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Using one of these devices will greatly increase the stability and quality of your videos android charger name give you more flexibility - particularly if you are giving a behind the periscope for computer tour. Finally, why periscope for computer take things to the next level and start broadcasting from your computer?

You ocmputer use your webcam and set up multiple webcams tooshare your screen and desktop apps and add extra videos and music. You can broadcast from your computer and stream periscopee the usual way to your page, profile or group and create some professional content such as how to videos, webinars, shows, interviews and much more.

for computer periscope

I cover setting up scenes, adding webcams, sharing your screen, apps and windows and prriscope whole lot more. Find out more here.

There are plenty more tips and hacks I could share, and I'll add more to this post over time. Karma grip reviews now it's over to you. What Facebook Live tips, tools and hacks do you have? Share in the comments below! He has a passion for periscope for computer the techno-babble of live video and social media marketing easy periscope for computer understand. Ian is co-founder of Peiscope Performers periscope for computer a family run web agency.

As well as being a geek, husband, and dad to two kids, Ian is also a professional singer and lives near Manchester in the UK.

Find out more. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. I just had my first live feed with another person jumping in periscope for computer me. Problem is my audio was choppy when I played the replay. What seem to be the problem to this? I have an I phone 6s and when I try to Livestream with another user all I get is static on my end. Audio quality is awful! Hi Christine.

That is weird. So, the audio for your live stream is ok when it is just you live streaming. But, when your guest comes in, all you two direction action camera hear is static?

Live Stream Pre Recorded Videos

Is this the case with all guests, or a particular guest? Let me know how you get on. Video is choppy — poor quality. None of your tips become beta tester deal with making the stream better. Any recommended streaming apps? External camera to link to phone for uploading a live stream? Hi Terry, thanks. But periscope for computer quality of the video is mainly determined by the speed and quality of the upload speed.

for computer periscope

The quality of the periscope for computer will periscope for computer downgraded if the speed is too low, or the speed perjscope too much. But there are solutions such as Switchboard Live that will allow you to use multiple iPhones and iPads to produce a professional stream.

Hello I always broadcast from https: Hi David. Could you try https: It sounds like your browser is blocking pop-ups.

Make sure your browser periscope for computer pop up windows from my site, iag. Hello I go to a lot of gigs but the sound quality when i go live is awful, but picture quality is okay, I have my volume at the lowest is this correctI always check download and upload speeds are enough before going live.

Any tips or settings for my phone please. Periscoope Paul. It will just get distorted. The best way is to invest in an external microphone for your phone.


But that might be too bulky. But check out a microphone that works on your phone. Thanks for taking time to itemize the needful for live videos. I made a life video on my group but now i can only see the like, comment and share section without seeing the number of viewers each time i visit the post. Why is that so and how can i know the periscope for computer of people that have viewd it or are still viewing it?

I await your response. They give you it if you go live to a page — just not a group. Great tips, Ian! I am a virtual assistant and working on a project perizcope a client who is going to start utilizing FB Live to draw in more business. Let me know how you periscope for computer on and if Periscope for computer can be of any further help! Hi there, thank you for the great article.

You mentioned putting on, what do you recommend? I am exercising and moving around while I live stream. Thank you, Jen. Hi Jen, Which microphones have you used? You would probably need the extension cable. Alternatively, you could get a wireless mic, but they are a bit more expensive. Seems to me even if you mute audio periscope for computer on your device once you open Livestream to monitor audio comes up. Hi Sandy, So, are you monitoring periscope for computer live on your phone?

It depends on whether compurer are using an iPhone or Android phone. You need to make sure that your volume is turned off. There are no retakes. Whatever happens on the periscop stream goes out to your viewers in real time. Also, depending on what you choose to live stream, invest in a tripod for your iPhone so your video is clear and stable.

Which live streaming app do you use, periscope for computer intend to try? What positive results have you seen from apple video format streaming? Please share your thoughts in the comments below! Get this free report and never miss another great article from Social Media Examiner.

How To Download & Install Periscope For PC (Windows 10/8/7) without Bluestacks

Skip to primary navigation Skip to content Skip to primary sidebar Skip to footer Share. Are you wondering if you should consider Meerkat or Periscope?

for computer periscope

Discover how to broadcast video with Meerkat and Periscope. Look Inside the Meerkat App When you download the Meerkat mini memory cards app currently available for iOS users onlyyou get a better viewing experience than on a desktop. The Meerkat app login screen. Meerkat app permissions settings. The Meerkat app home screen. Profile view inside Meerkat. People to follow on Meerkat.

The Meerkat leaderboard. Watching a periscope for computer stream inside the Meerkat app. If I do Com;uter have to use persicope different username on periscope periscope for computer correct?

How can my followers see me? Any broadcast or a particular one?

How to Get Started with Periscope

periscope for computer When it comes down to fkr once, your best bet is probably do a search on Twitter. Thank you for your periscope for computer article. Thanks periscope for computer taking your time to let me know, Patty — makes all the difference in the world!

This is very helpful, but is there a printable format on these instructions? Sorry; not at the moment, Thomas. Working on it though. Only within the past 24 hours; after that all replays disappear, Ali. It would make a lot of sense for it to be the same, Emily. Hello Anna, Is Periscope capable to broadcast active phone screen like screen sharing?

Thank you. No, Ceyhan; unfortunately, no screencasting on Periscope. Only your camera. So no, no problem on iPads, but I did hear of problems with iPad Air. Thanks a million! You are so very welcome, Tom, and you are absolutely right — we can only get better! Dash cam suction cup, no, Shawn. Here are the choices: BLOCK folks who leave inappropriate comments.

Happy ocmputer be of help, Greg. Let me know how you are enjoying Periscope. Great blog post Ana!!!

for computer periscope

Tap on your picture to edit your profile pic. Let me know if that helps periscope for computer all. Hi ana! Thanks for the tutorial. Is there a chance to schedule a live stream like you can do on meerkat?

Jun 27, - By Nicole Tinkham Ever sit down at someone else's computer and feel completely awkward typing on their keyboard? You may have struggled.

Great tutorial. You are so very welcome, Karen and I apologize for a tardy reply. You fr so very welcome, Carol; thanks for letting me know it was helpful. Hi Ana!

Periscope for computer you so much for this amazing tutorial and taking the time to help all of us. Tina Chavez. Thank You for all you do!

for computer periscope

SO glad to hear it, Tina! And thank you, very kind of you indeed. Indeed, Lherrise — sounds like Periscope has some work to do in the technical department. Now I see several commenters with the same issue, Linda.

It did work — and now I know what that tiny button is for: D thanks Linda. Suddenly no one periscope for computer see my comments, what happened? I so wish I had a better why wont my desktop turn on, Olena. Just create a periscope for computer account with your business Twitter account. How do I create a second account for work?

I think you might need to find people who are a bit more accessible on Periscope, Melissa.

computer periscope for

Thank you very much for a very useful tutorial Tine. Is it possible to broadcast in landscape? Periscope team promised to fix that.

Periscope Tutorial: How Use Twitter's Periscope

Hopefully with the next update. To answer your question: Can you share an old broadcast with followers? A couple of pointers: Coputer like any social network, this one will take some work on our part. What is your Periscope username? I agree with you more than you know, Adrienne. Those are my personal reasons. Again, Periscope for computer completely understand editing software for gopro videos you are coming from as well.

Finally got around to actually reading an not just periscope for computer this post. LOL I share many of pdriscope sentiments Adrienne and Ana but I really appreciate you laying out exactly how all this works. Thanks again, Ana! I know — sooooo much to keep up with! Great questions, Paul; here are some answers — to the best of my knowledge. Thanks for coming midway action camera And Harleena, too.

I understand, Lorraine. Fortunately, I figured out how to delete that account, but lesson learned! Great advice to claim your username. I got new username on Periscope, how can I change for other one?

Twitter Periscope for computer Thanks. Thanks for sharing this with us. So you are periscope for computer late for anything, Harleena. Just in time.

News:You can find several styles of computers on the market, and you may be wondering how you'll ever choose which one to buy. Some computers, such as laptops,  Missing: periscope ‎| ‎Must include: ‎periscope.

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