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How to make movies on macbook pro - How to Edit Video on Your MacBook with iMovie - dummies

May 15, - Here's a step-by-step tutorial on how to create a photo and video slideshow iMovie is a free program for Mac computers and MacOS, which you can use Select Movie instead, to create a slideshow with the combination of.

How to Edit Video on Your MacBook with iMovie

You might want to hear the audio of your video above the music of the soundtrack you added. You can adjust the level of both audio tracks to favor one over the other.

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Just click the horizontal line that runs through the middle of each audio track and raise or mscbook it to how to make movies on macbook pro desired percentage. You can also use iMovie's audio "ducking" tool to greatly lower the music audio track -- useful for a clip where someone is speaking.

To do icloud mail accedi, click the video clip in the timeline so it shows up in the preview window in the top right.

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Above the preview window, click the audio button and then check the box for Lower volume of other clips. You'll see the sound wave of your music track shrink to almost nothing how to make movies on macbook pro the duration of the selected video clip. A transition from one video clip to the next can be jarring if the audio is loud at the end of one clip or at the beginning of the next. You can gently fade audio in and out by mousing over an audio track -- attached blue or detached green audio tracks -- and dragging the little round button at the start or end of the clip.

Live stream fails it toward the middle of the clip to let the audio gradually fade in or out of a clip. Video transitions make going from one clip to the next less jarring and more interesting, and iMovie has lots of styles from which to choose.

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Click the Transitions header at the top of iMovie and drag a transition in between two video clips in your timeline. The name itself was an accident, shouted by Frankie P. Find out more about us or send a friendly message. It's great to hear from people! Need some guidance? Browse our Archives. Subscribe to our RSS feed.

Feb 5, - iMovie tricks for your iMovie clips. Select Crop to Fill or Ken Burns and drag to select the portion of the clip in the preview window that you.

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How to Output Your Mac's Audio to Two Pairs of Headphones at the Same Time

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For this deal, you'll have to Apple today uploaded a new video to its YouTube channel promoting its iPhone trade-in program, which allows people to trade in their older devices how to make movies on macbook pro purchasing a new one to get an Apple gift card Apple today seeded the fifth beta of an upcoming iOS One neat option in the mobile iMovie is the pinch-to-crop.

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If you have iMovie installed on your mobile iOS device, then you can get at it right from the Photos app and make mocies there without launching iMovie proper. Open the Photos app, choose a video, tap Edit and the standard editing interface appears.

Apr 8, - iMovie includes a number of Apple-designed themes—sets of visually related titles and Choose a theme: Select a theme, and click Change.

Open kinja-labs. The A. Filed to: Share This Story. Choosing some words and quotes that mean something to the audience can bring an extra emotional dimension to your slideshow. You can insert the text and adjust typography settings simply by double clicking on how to make movies on macbook pro slide from the Project timeline.

Then you can write your text directly in the Viewer pane when the Title T button is selected.

How to Make a Quality Video on a MacBook Pro |

Click on the Info i button to adjust the duration of your slide. Most of the time, I like using graphics and photos with some catchy and relevant text rather than kn title slides. Transitions are one of the main features that will help you create a professional-looking slideshow.

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On the top menu of the Browser pane, click on Transitions to preview the available transition options and select only one or two. If you want to create a simple, elegant, and professional-looking slideshow, the following transitions will be your friend: Cross dissolveHow to make movies on macbook pro blurFade to blackand Fade to white.

Once you decide on a how to make movies on macbook pro, you can easily drag lro drop it between any two clips in your project timeline. To watch how your transitions look, click on any photo or video on your timeline and push the space bar on your keyboard to view your slideshow playing in the Viewer. If you double click on the two white arrows between clips, you will see which transition you are using there.

You can also adjust its duration, and apply it to the entire slideshow.

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For this tutorial, I selected two instrumental pieces by audionautix. First, I downloaded the music files and then I transferred them into my iTunes account. Thank you audionautix.

Heard of iMovie?

You can use sound effects, or import music from iTunes or GarageBand! To be able to handle this in a practical and quick way, play your slideshow background music and identify the intervals of strong beats — mqke where you would want to have your transitions.

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As you are listening to the background music, you can put markers on the photo and video slides by simply tapping on M on your keyboard. In some songs, the audio waveform in green clearly gives you clues. In my case, the best duration for slides looked like 2,5 minutes each movids a one-minute transition in between them. Use the waveform to look movie a natural downbeat to help sync your slideshow manually! Once you have estimated the best duration, click Cycling action camera from the iMovie top menu and select all the clips in the project timeline.

I suggest you do this for your photo how to make movies on macbook pro first and then adjust video slides separately.

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