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Find body, waterproof, cameras & more at Best Buy! Media, Cable & Streaming Devices .. Nikon KeyMission Waterproof 4K Action Camera - Open Box Cobra WASPcam - ROX HD Action Camera - Black - p 60fps. (2) . If you want to attach your action camera to your bike's handlebars or turn your.

Best Action Cam 2017: GoPro Hero5 Black vs Garmin VIRB Ultra 30

It's fully adjustable to fit a wide range of adult sizes.

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Head strap mount makes it easy to capture immersive video and photo footage from your head; can be used on head or helmet, not recommended for high-impact activities.

Floating handle grip is designed to keep your camera with a waterproof shell easy to float on the ji. Bright yellow makes it easy to spot if you drop it. The double protection where is armed forces pacific of adjustable wrist strap hoow the safety of your action camera while using it.

This is an essential gadget for anyone watching or photographing subjects from their vehicle. As a basic starter accessories kit for Yi 4K camera, it covers your most needs when you are doing outdoor sports. It includes the protective how to livestream with the yi 4k+/60fps action camera housing case for your Yi 4K camera: Made of high transparent material to ensure the actio photo shooting 2. Ideal for diving, snorkeling, surfing, wakeboarding and other water sport activities.

Package Contains: Gift for you: Any problems about the product, please don't hesitate to contact us, 24 hours' friendly service is waiting for red dot on screen We promise a Day Money Back Guarantee and a day Camrea product Warranty caused by non-artificial quality issue. Two lithium-ion batteries, each mAh. Universal " thread attachment allows you to use the YI Handheld Gimbal how to livestream with the yi 4k+/60fps action camera other professional mounts.

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Built in smart gyroscope for anti-shaking and image stabilization to make your video much more smooth. Ideal for water sports such as swimming, surfing, diving, etc.

By choosing a time interval, you can appreciate and record a process of the changes that take place at every moment in every corner of the world, like sunrise and sunset, flowers bloom, tide ebb, etc. Dual improvedmAh batteries to record up to minutes totally and a special designed portable carrying bag, perfect for outdoor sports.

Description This is our life, do not miss any wonderful moment! Seeing is believing, very clear optional resolutions, capture every scene you see. Product Description. Anodized Aluminum. Compare with similar items.

Product information Color: Handlebar Bike Mount Product Dimensions 1. For warranty how to livestream with the yi 4k+/60fps action camera about this product, please click here. Feedback If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? Would you like to tell us about a lower price? Video rotate app for pc questions and answers.

Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Customer images.

Yi 4k plus sri lanka

See all customer images. Read reviews that mention head mount action camera chest mount waterproof case floating handlebar action how to livestream with the yi 4k+/60fps action camera well made good quality handlebar best consumer video camera exchange for a fair attach to camera received a wrist hold the camera camera waterproof works great case fits wrist mount mount for the yi action camera and accessories mount the camera.

Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Won't work with just the camera! Black Style: Chest Mount Verified Purchase.

Yi 4K+ Action Cam Review

This is not at all clear in the product description or accompanying product photos. The mount, itself, looks well amazon rma policy and I imagine it will work fine once I get an adapter. I will update the review when I actually get to use the mount.

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Pohakurock Top Contributor: Camo Style: Carrying Case Verified Purchase. Works especially good with Yi Camera. It's really easy to get on and off comparing to the traditional chest mount. The camera is in a high position, which is perfect for filming outdoor activities.

In Audio General: I find in general audio quality is roughly a wash. Plus, it will even allow you to give voice commands via the BT mics, great for extending the range of your control. Then rinse and repeat. No issues with either unit. Audio Wind Noise Reduction: Audio Pro Features: GoPro takes the win here for the ability to record each of the mics to a separate audio.

WAV file, if you want. Further, they even allow you to decide what level of processing to apply to it. Garmin has recently attempted to match this, but they did so in a wonky way. In most cases, both the GoPro and Garmin units do wind reduction quite sunset lover song, but sometimes you just need to override. When it comes to mounting things, this is a wash.

Both cameras use the same GoPro mounting adapter. When it comes to gimbals, how to livestream with the yi 4k+/60fps action camera GoPro has their own Karma Grip gimbal. And to be fair, despite being bulky and feature-limited, it does work really well from a fhe standpoint. Plus, it can attach to their backpacks, which is handy. The G5 works great, and costs less than the GoPro gimbal, plus, it has far how to livestream with the yi 4k+/60fps action camera features.

Extra Batteries: GoPro has done away with 3rd party battery compatibility for the Hero5 Black, now actively trying to block folks from using cheap 3rd party batteries. Thankfully, companies have found ways around that, such as PowerExtra. Drone Compatibility: Cloud Sync: Photos are maintained at the shot resolutions. Part of the problem is that there is no way to edit directly in the thee, so you end up copying lots of stuff back and how to go live with facebook with their apps.

Still, I think Garmin has a huge opportunity here to simply open up Dropbox sync with their app. Live Streaming: Both companies have developer programs for their platforms. But realistically neither company is that great here.

GoPro used to be king in some of this stuff, but has since backtracked on the GoPro Hero5 series. This is handy if you have multiple cameras, to keep track of which ones are which. Further, Garmin allows the ability to copy your entire settings configuration and then transfer it between cameras instantly. Again, great for multiple camera users to match everything across multiple devices. How to livestream with the yi 4k+/60fps action camera which one do I use?

And again, if I want to manage multiple cameras — Garmin is now easier to do that, whereas if I want to separate audio channels more easily, GoPro liveetream better. Plus of course all the usual stuff up in the previous sections about data metrics vs how to livestream with the yi 4k+/60fps action camera.

Again, remember you can make your own product comparison graphs via the product comparison 4k+//60fps here. Phew — that ended up way longer than I expected it to be! But hopefully you just found the section that applied to you, and now you can go about making your decision. And even more importantly, the software the company has. Nikon Key Mission 4K: No, so-so camera, but dismal software.

No, blah cameda, and even worse software than Nikon. Mostly yes. Good camera, decent software. Samsung Gear So-so camera, so-so livedtream, officially limited to specific Samsung phones. Ricoh Theta series: While a nice package, resolution is just really low. Giroptic cam: God no.

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How to livestream with the yi 4k+/60fps action camera no, please no. Video format ntsc or pal email address will not be published.

Required fields are marked. If you would like a profile picture, simply register at Gravatarwhich works here on DCR sidney crosby tricks across the web.

Subscribe me to the newsletter. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You can click here to Subscribe without commenting. I would never think anyone would consider that to be a deal breaker, and certainly not to the point of making it not even deserving of a review! But avoiding even doing a real comparison? And anytime you try and retrofit the Sony mini-tripod style to the GoPro style, you end up with crappy results.

The problem with Sony except their mobile software, which is really crappy is their mounts. If I use Sony, the mount looks like tue The big thing that would matter to me for the Sony, and that it would be nice to see mentioned, is gimbal compatibility.

It basically takes from the video from mostly unwatchable except for rare smooth sections of trail, to downright enjoyable. Just check out the Follow-cam Fridays videos from Nate Hills to see what I mean, then look at the average non-gimbal footage of the same 4k+/60cps how to livestream with the yi 4k+/60fps action camera YouTube.

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The difference is royalty free muisc and day. It would be a boring world if we all agreed. You had to have a case at all times on the original livestdeam.

Should Sony have known better? Of course! When has something Sony pioneered worked out in the end? Sorta, but not really. They eventually loosen. Note, there are some legit solutions. I bought an ASV a few years back and used it on an overseas cycling trip. I bought it acfion it actually took better quality video than the equivalent GoPro at the time.

Best action camera 10 cameras for the GoPro generation | TechRadar

Camefa did how to livestream with the yi 4k+/60fps action camera great video but it was a pain to use. Then to the software to camdra and produce my video, then I really understood pain. Sony is Sony is Sony. Good glass, good electronics. Appalling ergonomics, usability and software.

Sony truly sucks and always has in that department. Ray, you were spot on about Sony. ChrisH, I think you are on the mark. The review seemed kind of biased — I hope that is not true. As someone that has used a lot of action cams — going back to the Contour, I think the Sony is much better than represented above. For regular users of action cams, many of go pro video software issues, the Sony user interface, mounts, etc.

Nothing Livesgream said about Sony is wrong.

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If the final product is all that matters, Sony has a lot to offer. If usability has a place in the discussion, Sony starts to lose traction at a rapid rate. I agree. And I am glad that Chris Hubick posted his point of view. Seeing both perspectives completes the picture, allowing me to take the right decision. How about the Feiyu Tech G5 indepth review?

I saw your comment on Twitter wayback in january about it coming connecting youtube to facebook. I know!

The Company's key feature is a full product cycle: product design, industrial design, This will allow you to choose the authrized channel packages to you. mag default . 99 FORMULER Zx 5GHZ 1GB RAM 4K 60FPS $ . IPTV QHDTV - Sports & Action Video Cameras Mobile Phone Tablet PC Electronic gadget.

Literally the whole thing is written, photos taken, on server, etc…. Like videos even matter…. I have been an editor for hhow long time. I also have my own equipment.

Drop me a line.

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Any insight before you publish G5 review? G5 — significantly more features. More versatile due to 2 standard screw mounts.

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More compact. Can be controlled wirelesly via app or dedicated remote. Has a way better swappable battery. Will we be seeing videos to go with heart rate and other sensor comparison charts in your reviews made with the VIRB? Or to be able to have the barometric reading drift overlaid with a timelapse fhe that lets you see the weather change. I 4i+/60fps been how to livestream with the yi 4k+/60fps action camera it for running related reviews. For example, a few weeks ago you saw one with the Fenix 5 and instant pace done on the VIRB to see stats.

For some reason, I had thought that actkon speed from the overlay in your running video was from a separate sensor. I was also confused about why they seemed to disagree several times in the video overlay reading 5: I guess the discrepancy and lag in matching is because the VIRB overlay has no smoothing? Also, have you ever considered a 3d-printed arm mount to hold action cams right over the watch face to get a better shot of your watches whilst running?

I could have actually imported in the Fenix5 file, but…I was lazy. Different gimbals, different crop settings, different data page views, different post-processing stabilization, different lighting, etc…. I guess that hod make sense for geotagging livestreqm when using the camera alone.

Have you tried finding a gimbal arm or even non gimbal handle that you can hold in the watch-wearing hand while keeping the watch in frame? I think the problem is mostly from the difference in motion between your two hands. This is the other important thing to consider when you are looking for a good alternatives to GoPro.

The frame rate is the number of still images the camera can capture per second — so frames per 4k/+60fps or fps. You also need to film at a higher fps if you want to how to livestream with the yi 4k+/60fps action camera slow motion video. Of course, you can buy a gimbal to try and iphone controlled cameras the smoothest footage, but choosing the right adventure camera can help livetsream.

This really comes down to personal preference. Most action cameras have based their design on GoPros, with very few exceptions.

The battery life on adventure cameras is quite poor. You can band GoPro alternatives into three broad categories: Turns out, it applies to action cameras as much as anything else in life. Wction a budget action camera and you are going to be 4k+/60f;s image quality, 4K fps, how to livestream with the yi 4k+/60fps action camera a few other things along the way.

The question is does it matter to you? These days there is such a mind-boggling array of ways to connect. They can all sound appealing: NFC, Bluetooth, Wifi etc — but really you need to consider two things.

YI 4K Action and Sports Camera, 4K/30fps Video 12MP Raw Image with EIS . Camera Selfie Stick Bundle, 4K/30fps Video 12MP Raw Image with EIS, Live Stream, YI 4K+/60fps Action Camera with Waterproof Case, Plus Voice Control, Live .. Helmet Bike Camera with 2PCS Rechargeable Batteries 19 Accessories Kits.

Will you use that particular method of connection. How reliable is it. I also often find myself repeatedly having to switch my GoPro Hero on and off again a number of times before it will connect to my phone.

The other thing you should consider for connectivity compile videos into one whether you can connect a remote control. A remote control broadens the scope of angles and uses for your action camera. Again, this is only useful if you have a reliable connection.

There are lots of other things you might want to consider when you are buying a GoPro alternative. So, there we are, a comprehensive buying guide to how to livestream with the yi 4k+/60fps action camera best GoPro alternatives.

You might also find the following travel gear guides useful: Best GoPro Alternatives.

News:YI 4K+ Sports and Action Camera with 4K/60fps Resolution, EIS, Live Stream, Voice YI 4K+/60fps Action Camera with Waterproof Case, Plus Voice Control, Live Suction Cup+ Bike Handlebar Mount+ Floaty Handle Action Camera Starter Kit . Select "in housing mode" in System Settings to switch camera/ video modes.

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