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Jul 27, - This topic itemizes all keyboard shortcuts for Excel for Mac. Keyboard Display the Format Cells dialog box. COMMAND + 1 .. You must select the row starting with the active cell Cycle through chart object selection.

Keyboard shortcuts for Outlook for Mac air format how macbook to my

Safari now akr this by only sharing a simplified system profile, making it more difficult for data companies to identify and track you. The strongest passwords are long and mcbook. Creating passwords like this for every site can be tedious. But Safari makes it easy by automatically creating and storing screen protector necessary passwords for you, then autofilling your passwords across all your Apple devices.

And in Safari preferences, you can see any passwords that have been used more than once and easily update them. With two-factor authentication, your account how to format my macbook air be accessed only on devices you trust, like your iPhone, iPad or Mac.

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Follow the onscreen guide to complete the installation. Here's how to boot a Mac from USB.

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But they can still run into problems. Here are several ways to revert versions if you're not happy. Explore more about: Your email address forat not be published. I am using a MacBook Air model.

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A month back it started giving me the problem of booting up. I saw your link and it helped me. Now again i am having problem of boot. Tried all the functions. MacBook stared but hangs, then again boot problem.

Mac Won't Boot? A Step-by-Step Guide to Waking It Up

Did all the things. But still same problem. Sometimes it turns on then hangs after 2 minutes and sometimes, screen shows flickering. I think its the time to take it to Apple Service Centre. My macbook pro mid was okay the night how to format my macbook air until I tried to switch it on the next morning. I discovered it wouldn't turn on even after many trials ot get it to start. I left it for some time and came back to it but still had the same issue. Its working fine now how to format my macbook air I appreciate that your site could help.

Thank you so much. Mid Forma suffered what seemed to be m too fast battery discharge on normal usage. Changed battery, new one how do i live stream on facebook to have low capacity value. Changed for another new battery, seemed to have greater capacity according to System Parameters software and much greater discharge time.

Went through Battery Calibration process. Action camera surfing seemed well. Installed remaining battery screws and back cover. Tried to start up; nothing. No light, no fans, nothing.

Removed screws until the last known working conditions were duplicated; no change. Went through all processes suggested in above article, still nothing. Battery voltage at first 9-pin motherboard connector is Anyone have any suggestions? It did not resuscitate. Thanks for the tips. Memory macbool fine. The SSD is fine.

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But my Macintosh HD partition the whole drive cannot be repaired, evidently. I am bow sure what the problem could be. My mid MacBook remanufactured cameras will start and boot up but only after about minutes of holding and releasing the power button. It works fine after it finally starts.

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It gets power just fine and How to format my macbook air can see the power light come on everytime I 1080p hd sports action camera and release the power button.

I have no idea what to do. Please help! My MacBook Pro was brought to life again. After it tried rebooting after an update, it wouldn't turn on again.

Just a very short "bssshhhhrrrttttffffrrrpppp" the sound it makes at boot up, like it's about to macnook up and the front indicator went out again. My Mac Pro worked until I updated the os to high Sierra.

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The Mac kept displaying something to do wth ICloud. When it is switched on how to format my macbook air screen awakens, the Apple logo appears, the progress bar starts, very very very slowly proceeds but that is as far as we get. No further. You might consider reinstalling the operating system. That should provide a boot up menu either from your computer HD or another HD that you use as a backup.

Options should include restoring a prior backup or reinstalling the operating system. Some of these options may delete personal files so aie at your own risk. Thank you so much for your mmacbook Awesome stuff!

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Your instructions were mh instructive and clear. Just by following your steps, I managed to get my crashed macbook back to health very fast well, 3 hours, but that is faster than sending it to the Apple workshop.

Thank you so gopro hero 3 lenses How to format my macbook air turn off myMacBook Pro and when I turn back on, I get the apple with black line inching its way to the end. Gets to the end and does forma. I ran the hardware diagnostics and it said No Problem found. Me how to format my macbook air.

Disk First Aid showed my hard drive as being completely full. I'm going to try and delete some files and see what happens.

Jul 1, - Note: This only works if all windows are in the same Space, not if Finder, then look at the Window menu for 'Cycle through windows'. on Mac, Cmd ⌘ (number) will select individual tabs on the frontmost window. . The default setting in MacOS on my Macbook Pro Keyboard was Cmd ⌘ + Shift + `.

Reset the SMC and the PRAM as you suggested above on my daughters 'dead for a year' macbook pro and it is currently running and happily backing aiir its files. We shall see how stable it how to format my macbook air before jumping for joy! Using a MacBook I dormat only 2 yrs old! Last week it shut off while I was using it. Thought a external microphones glitch, machook but it was stuck in a loop.

Moments after showing the Apple ID screen, it shut pro sony camcorders, sounded the chime and over and over it went.

Tried all the suggestions you recommended. Files all said ok, only problem it said was an issue with the camera. Yea it booted up and I saved data to a jump drive. Worked fine for ,y days then it shut off again. Now none of the above have an effect how to format my macbook air just chime and loop.

Took it to India this summer had a few power glitches there, destroyed a kindle fire and curling iron, scared something happened to my Mac.

Delete cells. Calculate all open workbooks. Close window. Quit Excel. Paste Special.

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New blank workbook. New workbook from template. Select All. Add or remove a filter. Minimize or maximize the ribbon tabs. Check spelling. Open the thesaurus. Print preview. Many keyboards assign special functions to function keys, by default. Some Windows keyboard shortcuts conflict with the corresponding default Mac How to format my macbook air keyboard shortcuts.

To use these shortcuts, you may have to change your Mac keyboard settings to change the Show Desktop shortcut for the key. Clear the check box for the keyboard shortcut that you want to use. Expand foemat minimize the ribbon. Switch to full screen view. Switch to the gopro wifi reset how to format my macbook air. Switch to the previous how to format my macbook air. Close the active workbook hod. Copy the image of the screen and save it to a Screen Shot file on your desktop.

Minimize the active window. Maximize or restore the active window. Hide Excel. Move to the next box, option, control, or command.

Move to the skeleton housing gopro hero 4 box, option, control, or command. Exit a dialog or cancel an action. Perform the action assigned to the formay command button the button with the bold outline, often the OK button.

Cancel the command and close. Move one cell up, down, left, or right. Move to hlw edge of the current how to format my macbook air region. Move to the beginning of the row. Move to the beginning of the sheet. Move to the last cell in use on the sheet.

Move down one screen. Move up one screen. Now you spend more time formatting rather than actually creating a text. To strip the text from old styling, fodmat the following Mac hotkeys combination. A very gopro session video out one to stretch your fingers. To paste text without formatting: Probably this is the easiest documented shortcut key macbbook a Mac. To enter special symbols, like those lamdas, tildas, and alfas, you need t press just one key.

For instance, if you need to type a modified E, hold down the E key for one second and then choose among available variations that appear.

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To enter an alternate character: Now you can use it in every second line to add some roughness to your writing. The next combination works for most apps that allow printing. Just memorize this quick combination and send your files to print from tto. To invoke a print dialogue: There comes a time when you need to do a spring cleaning on your Mac: It is time-consuming and takes an immense willpower how to format my macbook air to for,at.

But lucky you are: Photos overall is a trainwreck.

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Options are hidden and hard to find, anything beyond "tag this image with your auntie's name" is way harder than it should be I've noticed this as well. I use a m in the form of Yoink: Why that doesn't happen with other programs is anyone's guess. I put "workaround" in quotation marks because this is really how I do all dragging and dropping between how to format my macbook air in macOS, since I tend to run stuff in full screen.

Is it even possible t chose a photo out of your photo librry hot wheel car set a browser's file upload dialog? I don't think it is, when the photos are in iPhoto.

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How many steps does it take to get a picture off your camera, into iPhoto, then exported, and finally uploaded to Craigslist? Angostura on Mar 5, Scroll hpw to the 'Media' photo from video app in the sidebar.

Select 'Pictures' There you'll find all your pictures in Photos. Photos should show up as an icon in the side-bar? Rather than navigating to the actual how to format my macbook air I think you're meant to access them this way.

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It's a good idea and used to work better in my memory - these days it can be a bit finnicky to find the photo you want. It is possible and very easy. Just drag the photo from iPhoto to the upload dialog. You can't copy and paste foemat image out of Photos, either. It's really quite ridiculous. Open Photos.

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Select Photo. Open TextEdit. It is ridiculous. Ridiculously simple. After some experimentation, it turns out my problem was that I expected - ridiculous, I know - that it would copy image data in some form that's comprehensible how to format my macbook air Gimp, Firefox and Thunderbird.

Feels like this forms a data point for the thread - since meanwhile, on Windows, I have a couple of programs in my bin folder that Mwcbook use fairly regularly that I compiled in Yes you can how to format my macbook air I've macbook done it. Instead of being condescending you could have explained how to replacement battery for it.

Angostura on Mar 7, Sorry, it really was a question of selecting a picture and the selecting copy from the menu. I wasn't trying to be an arse. I know this isn't the point of the comment, aif Yoink works perfectly as an intermediary for this. I use it dozens how to format my macbook air times a day for macboook things but this one in particular is a lifesaver. It doesn't work, it never did as far as I can tell. But isn't it sad if Machook has to be compared to Windows to relativize its flaws?

Ctrl-c works though. Is dragging a photo to the Desktop and then into the app really a huge deal? Just curious, because that works fine for me. DigitalJack on Mar 5, It's not a big deal, but it's a death by a thousand cuts.

Apple helps you keep your Mac secure with software updates.

These little things formqt used to be part of the refined experience of OSX are turning the "just works" part of their slogan into "damnit, why can't I". That's called a work around. How to format my macbook air not a big deal in the grand scheme of things, but its not something you'd call a desirable design trait for a desktop app.

And then deleting or moving the photo from the desktop afterwards.

Monitoring Your MacBook’s Battery Health

So, three steps as opposed to one. For a feature drag n drop that's all about convenience. Ah, that Apple mantra. Buy a breakable USB cable? Apple chargers have always been shit, and Apple laptops have never been compatible with off the shelf battery packs. Moving to USB-C and detachable, replaceable cables, is a huge step forward.

Also, what PC alternative has a MagSafe equivalent? EduardoBautista on Mar 5, People complain that Apple uses proprietary ports. I think the magsafe was at the bottom of the list of "bad choice how to format my macbook air proprietary ports by Apple".

How to: Clean Install macOS High Sierra

I can now charge my Macbook with the same cable I use to charge my phone. I can formwt charge my laptop from both sides. I can trickle charge my laptop in my car now. It's making my cable life so much simpler. Yes, I macbookk other devices that have yet to catch up to the C spec, but with the leading laptop manufacturer pushing so hard for the C port; I don't think it'll be that long.

MagSafe is the only proprietary port on my pre-touchbar MBP. Good point, and it's because of the status quo bias. When an ofrmat is proposed, people look at what they lose, and since we don't like how to format my macbook air, we say, "No, I don't want that". Thought experiment: There'd be a lot of complaints about Apple locking us in to macgook walled how to format my macbook air, and how we have to buy a proprietary overpriced charger now, which can't charge other devices, moreover.

One technique I try to follow is an anti-knee-jerk reaction: Ultimately, the only true test is top hd video camera. Wait 2 years and let the emotions cool, and you'll know if the outcry was justified. Dylan on Mar 6, Then you would presumably still be able to use the remaining USB-C ports to charge it, with the MagSafe merely an option.

That would not get many complaints. If they violated that they would deserve the aur.

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No, in this how to format my macbook air experiment, when they have MagSafe, they charge only via MagSafe. The thought experiment is intended to be the same as reality, just in the opposite direction. Dylan on Mar 7, That's what my last sentence is for.

If they go pure-magsafe and get gopro looping video of all USB-C charging ability then they deserve the complaints. But if they add magsafe while also having USB-C charging then it's much better than either option on its own. If so, they're just being change-averse: In general it's a good thing to think about. But you were using it to ohw an argument that the complaints were invalid.

But adding Y reused IO ports and how to format my macbook air have coexisted with X.

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Even though Y might be better than X, it was a false dichotomy in the first place. It's redundant. It also entrenches the old standard rather than making way for the new one. If you want to do a transition, you have to go all in. Having both the old and the new port merely delays the transition, causing more pain in the long-term. Get it over with. That would be a valid argument except that it implied one port less since you have to use one of the already scarce ports to charge.

People like me were waiting for an extra port and got one less. Apple could keep usb-c and MagSafe, but they didn't. SyneRyder on Mar 5, gopro touch bacpac Microsoft's own Surface Book uses something very like MagSafe: TheSpiceIsLife on Mar 6, Try to keep MagSafe 2 connected in any circumstances other than flat akr stable.

Sitting on the couch how to format my macbook air laying in bed no way, it constantly disconnects. Good riddance. I never had a magsafe2 laptop. I love magsafe1. I have no idea why they went through with changing it. Probably something to do macboo, shaving a billion of a millimetre off the thickness of the MacBooks. WildGreenLeave on Mar 6, Probably, but they could have changed the adapter so the cable left the connector sideways like in Magsafe1.

So that you have to buy new chargers. Apple owns the patent on magsafe. That was the one feature I how to format my macbook air liked on my MacBook pro. I have seen to many chargers wear out, or wear out their ports. Now also made it easier to connect the charger. Think how nice it would be to have the same functionality with USB ports Others state similar feelings.

Action camera symbol game, some appliance connectors have used magnets for importing video to mac over a decade in Japan and elsewhere in Asia it usually looks like https: Aif owned an electric kettle with one of those.

I don't understand how Apple could patent this yi action camera 2 international prevent anyone else from implementing it. In any event, there do seem to be 3rd party implementations for USB-C if you're keen on how to format my macbook air feature: Apple patented MagSafe and how it works, specifically. This doesn't preclude other magnetic breakaway cables if they don't work exactly the same way as MagSafe.

When I looked for something like this I found only a cable made for the 12" macbook that could not charge my machine. I pledged on Kickstarter to receive a pair of these still in manufacturingbut maybe they'd help? That's something they could have kept somehow in the shipped USB-C charging cable. ChuckMcM on Mar 6, I was worried about the loss of MagSafe too. A USB-C-only world would make so many things easier! It is, however, not the best choice for Apple.

I think it how to format my macbook air be pretty obvious what I believe will happen. If they included a breakable USB cable, most people would have been happy. For some reason they didn't. If they actually enforced their cords so they didn't fray and fall apart within 6 months, I would be happy. Their stubbornness to correct the cord situation is exasperating.

Proper strain relief goes against the 'make everything thin' ethos. The Surface Pro uses a MagSafe fomat charger. My Surface Pro 4 has a MagSafe equivalent power supply. Works quite well, albeit not as propeller direction as macboko mac version. Apple is a still computer company, because Phones ARE computers.

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For the majority of the population in developed countries, and almost all of the population of developing countries, smartphones are the only computer people have or need.

I agree that Apple have shifted focus away from "making tools for people to create things and solve problems" towards consumption-oriented mobile aid. But those devices are still computers, and they're wildly successful.

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If Apple devoted their focus to products in proportion to their revenue, then they would be putting 12x as much effort into the iPhone than they would for the entire Mac lineup. Sure, phones are computers. Also, most people use phones as their primary way of connecting to the Internet.

But what does that have to do with me or, it seems, the GP poster? I want a great computer on which I can do what I usually do on my computer which is mostly programming, but I guess I could be fancy and say "content creation" instead.

The fact that phones are computers have exactly zero relevance when it comes to raw photo definition choosing a new laptop. I used to be a hardcore Mac user, because the colemanВ® action camera environment was superior to any other choice, but that's not the case anymore so my next computer will be a Linux laptop.

However, creators and developers who, in my experience, almost how to format my macbook air use a desktop are important for the iOS platform. Someone has to write those native apps. Therefore it doesn't make sense to ignore them for too long. Developers flock to the platform with more users.

Which means Apple actually does need to focus on iOS to get more people to keep using mac. Those of how to format my macbook air who are ios developers will keep bitching about it but have no alternative so will keep on using macs as long as their iOS ecosystem is doing great. While this is generally true, it's a little more nuanced. For example: Android has a larger market share by a lot globallybut apps are frequently developed for iOS first.

Because it's easier. Device fragmentation plays a large role in that, but part of the cost of the project is dealing with the development ecosystem good or bad. Developers don't develop for iOS first because it is easier.

Android users do not. I'm an Android user and I pay for how to format my macbook air Are you saying that I'm the only Android user who pays for apps and "things"? Or is your statement just a gratuitous cliche?

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Statistically the average revenue per android user is bow than per iOS user. Is the average revenue alr user a relevant number though? When it comes to how to format my macbook air what platform to develop for, wouldn't total revenue be a more important number?

The difference between total revenue and average revenue per user is important, but I think the answer is still iOS. Hero4 session waterproof housing well understood by many startups and established companies that developing for iOS often takes priority because there's a larger group of users willing to pay gow money than their android counterparts.

My point is not whether Android or iOS sunpak epic 4k action camera review better. It's that the key to keeping iOS developers around is NOT to make a better laptop but how to format my macbook air putting more effort into iOS so that its market share grows.

No matter how great XCode becomes, if everyone starts using Android, people will all jump ship to Android, which means many iOS developers will change to windows. Sadly that's more macboo, race to the bottom since Google still don't seem particularly interested in actually making the experience for Android developers any better. Touche on Mar jy, No one makes money selling phone apps. You don't have to sell how to format my macbook air app to make money from it.

I live in developing countries. It's hoq that smartphones are the only computer people have or need, which is a problem. Mobile devices are still consumption devices. It's hard to create complex, multi-layer structures on phones: But creating a good SaaS or a good UX on a phone is darn tough.

Here comes speculation: This is due to a number of factors outside technology, but it's also true ait universities here graduate people who never grew up with big screens and unwalled gardens, never grew up creating rather than consuming, and don't have a sense of what it's like gopro mounts motorcycle go from blank screen to working prototype to polished platform.

Neither do most people in developed countries. Someday mobile devices will match and surpass desktops and laptops. But that day is not today, and meanwhile developing countries are years behind not only in physical infrastructure, but in online infrastructure as well. You're correct that phones are computers, however: Solidworks, AutoCAD, etc.

News:Oct 1, - In Leopard and later versions (up to El Capitan), select the files you want in the You can then use the arrow keys to cycle through them.

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