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Jul 4, - GoPro Fusion — Waterproof Digital VR Ca Unlike any of its previous offerings the Fusion is a camera that can shoot in every direction simultaneously. .. its paces by being attached to a moving bike across uneven ground. Insta EVO Review: 3D Has Found A New Calling · Insta EVO.

GoPro Fusion: 360-degree camera for the masses

The device will also come with special software for editing, with the goal of making it easier for the average consumer to use the footage without being gopro fusion 360 review with degree video. GoPro retained the dual-tone gray color scheme and the grippy diagonal lines around the edges. That means no drone flying gopro fusion 360 review this gadget gopro fusion 360 review yet.

Being a degree camera, the Fusion is equipped with two degree lenses that capture everything all around the device. It shoots 5. As for still photos, the entire stitched degree image is megapixels inside. Shooting with the camera will feel gopro fusion 360 review familiar to those who have used GoPro cameras in the past, keeping familiarity within the GoPro camp. You also use these two buttons to cycle through the shooting options, and various menus on the camera's little monochrome screen.

You can also use the voice commands with a hit-and-miss success rate. One key part of shooting with the Fusion is actually an accessory that comes with the camera: This half selfie stick, half tripod acessory is incredibly versatile. You can have it stand up on the floor, or you can hold it, and it's able to portland camera stores up to 56cm in length.

What's uci world cup downhill 2015, with the camera placed in the correct position directly in line with the Grip the cameras can magically get rid of the Fusion Grip from the footage, so it almost looks as if the camera was hovering in the air. That is very impressive.

Up until Januarystory video editor process of working with gopro fusion 360 review from the Fusion was still a little too involved to recommend to just anyone. As promised at an earlier time, GoPro has - at last - launched the OverCapture feature within the iPhone app. On mobile, you connect to the camera the same way that you would any other GoPro camera.

The 7 Best GoPros for the Money in 2019

That's to say you load gopro fusion 360 review fusiin app and connect using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. From here you can look through the camera's footage and download the clips you want. Being a flat screen, the video shows up in a similar manner to how other degree video would and you can move within it to gopro fusion 360 review what it looks like. To change angle, you move the phone around and you can manipulate the field-of-view using touchscreen gestures.

Swiping around changes the angle, pinching in and out gkpro or decreases the field of view. It has to be said, until OverCapture was mavericks channel on mobile, using the Fusion felt far too complicated. But with OverCapture on mobile, it's transformed into something quite magical.

Best GoPro mounts

Once you've chosen the clips you want to download on to your phone, you then open them and tap the OverCapture icon that looks like a broken circle, then press the main icon on the screen.

It turns to a red square. From this point, you manipulate, move and adjust angle action camera 4k .mp4 codecs you did when looking at the footage the first time - except now it's all yopro captured. It's refiew useful for following action. Once you're finished, you gopo watch it gopro fusion 360 review with all your panning, zooming and FOV changes intact.

Gopro fusion 360 review you're happy, you can save it, if you're not then you can go back and do it again. It's almost too simple, but that's why it's great.

What's more, the software seems to improve the look of the footage, making it sharper, more vivid and adding gopro fusion 360 review.

360-degree terror

Once that's done, you connect the Fusion camera to the computer and import the media. Depending on how much you have on the camera, this can take some time, especially since all the files will have been captured in 5. Once imported, you can then look through them, trim them, change angles, adjust colours and add any videos you want to gopro fusion 360 review render gopro hero 2 best buy. Of course, you can and you will relive reality using OverCapture, but it will be the reality you choose, showing only the angles that capture your reality, and you, in the best possible light.

In gopro fusion 360 review case, the reality would be a video with no mountains, no gopro fusion 360 review and no precipitous drops. Just the sky.

Hours and hours of footage bike eye rear view camera up at the clouds. It sounds like heaven. Skip to navigation Skip to content Skip to footer Help using this website - Accessibility cape mac computers. Technology Print article. GoPro Fusion review: Updated Feb 21, — 8.

Supplied Be sure to choose a reality that you actually goppro to relive when you're recording it with the Fusion, and not some hellish reality you never want to even think about again. Then Point. License article. Topics Review Reivew Opinion. Ggopro Davidson is an award-winning columnist, reviewer, and senior writer based in Sydney and in the Digital Gopro fusion 360 review Laboratories, from where he writes about personal technology.

Connect with John on Twitter. Email John at jdavidson afr. Archer Capital taps US bank for illion review. But if you look at the lines on the side of the shed, they are more easily distinguishable in the Gopro fusion 360 review X sample, showing it has higher acutance:. On the other hand, toward the stitch line, the One X has substantially more detail than the Fusion the Fusion has a sudden drop in sharpness near the stitch line.

If your priority is consistent sharpness throughout the frame, the ONE X would be better than the Fusion.

fusion 360 review gopro

iphone camera froze With respect to dynamic range, the Fusion appears to have noticeably more dynamic range than the One X. The Fusion has a slow motion video mode, with a resolution of 3K at 60fps. I compared it against the One X at 4K 50fps and 3K fuusion. For photos, in my opinion Fusion has also been the best overall camera gopro fusion 360 review consumers because its detail is almost as good as that of the Xiaomi Mi Sphere reviewed herewhile having far greater dynamic range.

This is despite the Fusion having a nominal resolution of only x goprk, lower than several other cameras. I compared photos from the One X and the Fusion and found that when viewed at the same viewing size, the ONE X and Fusion are similar, although the Fusion has very slightly more detail gopro fusion 360 reviewwhile the ONE X has higher edge contrast acutance.

Jul 4, - GoPro Fusion — Waterproof Digital VR Ca Unlike any of its previous offerings the Fusion is a camera that can shoot in every direction simultaneously. .. its paces by being attached to a moving bike across uneven ground. Insta EVO Review: 3D Has Found A New Calling · Insta EVO.

As for dynamic range, Fusion has more gopro fusion 360 review range in JPG mode. Note further that GoPro Fusion can sometimes drift the heading gradually turns toward one direction. Insta One X has far more features than the Fusion, and is easier to use as well. Among the features that adobe premiere 4k One X has that are not available on the Fusion are the 3K fps mode, Drift Shot, Time Best action camera aviation, a smooth-stitching underwater case, GPS overlay with the Bluetooth remote accessory or a smartphone and more.

For practicality, one advantage of the Fusion is that it is waterproof even without a gopro fusion 360 review. However, the One X has two waterproof housings available. The Fusion has slightly more detail for videos, gopro fusion 360 review noticeably better dynamic range for videos. Moreover, ONE X has more consistent sharpness throughout the frame.

At the same time, the One X is almost half the cost of the Fusion, and has far more features such as the very useful 3K fps slow motion, Drift Shot, and Time Shift. Accordingly, in my opinion, assuming Insta can fix the HDR Video mode, I believe the One X is a better overall camera 4k downloader error the Fusion, and is therefore probably the best camera for consumers as of October I compared the One X with the Hero 7 for hyperlapse: The Insta One X has many advantages over the Hero 7 for hyperlapses: The Hero 7 is more detailed, but the detail is not readily observable with the fast motion of a hyperlapse.

Therefore the Insta One X is better than the Hero 7 for hyperlapses. With the 5. This is not due to overheating but due to the unique file structure of the ONE X to enable recording at gopro fusion 360 review. Tony Northrup posted a review of the ONE X with several criticisms that are partly correct, but partly incorrect. In his review, Tony Northrup said if you use the Insta Studio to stitch the video, then the stabilization will not be good, and the stitching will be poor.

What Tony said gopro fusion 360 review true only for the older version gopro fusion 360 review the Insta Studio software. But on October 8, Insta made a functional version available, which not only stitched smoothly at up to mbps but could stabilize well. The sample video I posted above was stitched with Insta Studio desktop software and you can see the stitching is seamless, and the stabilization is smooth.

review 360 gopro fusion

Many bugs have already been resolved e. For example, as of October 22,there is still no support for HDR video, which was one of the key features advertised. Gopro fusion 360 review those who are experienced shooters, this is par for the course, but for new shooters, it can be disconcerting. It will feel like you are a beta tester. Rest assured, however, Insta does respond very quickly and pushes out frequent updates to firmware and the apps.

In addition, the Insta ONE X has most of the same tradeoffs of cameras compared to non cameras: In exchange, with the field of view, you have far better stabilization gopro fusion 360 review the freedom to choose the fusjon in postprocessing.

Second, like most other cameras, you will need to stitch the photos and videos. On the plus side, the ONE Yi lite action camera tec reviews desktop app does allow batch exporting which makes it easier to stitch.

Third, using video to create overcapture non video is very useful garmin camera review does add an additional step in editing. To me, this is not much of a problem. During video editing, you usually have to adjust the image here and there anyway, rusion having the ability to change the view during editing is a benefit to me. Bluetooth and GPS remote The Bluetooth remote is a dedicated remote for the One X that can not only be used to trigger erview One X but can also switch shooting modes, and most importantly, add GPS metadata to your photos and videos, which can in turn be shown as an overlay on your videos.

Venture case This case fusin designed to protect the One X from water or harsh environments. Dive case You can use this case to take underwater photos and videos with the One X. The specially designed lens is designed to avoid refraction. External battery charger This battery charger can charge two One X batteries at the same time.

If you plug the charger to a generic USB charger, the batteries might not charge correctly. Gopro fusion 360 review camera dart drift shot accessory This is a case for the Insta One X designed to enable the One X to be thrown. Insta Invisible Selfie Stick improved The new version of the Gopro fusion 360 review Invisible Selfie Stick has a gopro fusion 360 review tip to ensure that the selfie lightdow action camera youtube is invisible to gopro fusion 360 review One X as long as the shaft is extended.

Bullet time handle You can use this specially designed swiveling handle with a monopod gopro fusion 360 review as the Invisible Selfie Stick to create a bullet time shot. There is fuison change to the bullet time handle. Gopro fusion 360 review iOS, please note that the minimum phone is an iPhone 6S. A desktop is recommended to have a GTX graphics card or better in order to stitch at the full resolution.

Does someone have to catch the camera for Drift Shot? The Drifter accessory is designed protect the One X lens if it lands on a flat surface.

360 gopro review fusion

It is possible to land gopro fusion 360 review a protruding rock or other object that could damage the lens. Finally, the One X can withstand some shocks but stronger shocks may damage internal components of the camera.

Can I use the Drifter accessory with another camera? The Drifter accessory is designed to fit only the One X.

review 360 gopro fusion

Moreover, the One X is the only camera with decent quality super slow motion. Do I need the Dive case or can Gopro fusion 360 review just use the Venture case? If you want to shoot photos or videos underwater, then you need the Dive case.

360 gopro review fusion

I imported the video from the One X into my video editor but it would not recognize it The One X h9c action camera videos in insv format and photos in insp format. Those are unstitched photos and videos. They need to be stitched and saved as mp4 and jpg respectively.

See the tutorial above. After I revirw the fusioj and videos from the One X, where can I share them? Photos can gopro fusion 360 review uploaded to sites such as Facebook or Kuula or Veer. Videos can be uploaded to sites such as Facebook, YouTube, or Veer. Alternatively, you can embed the photo or video on gopro attachment kit website or blog. Most photo and video sharing sites allow embedding usually it is one of the share options.

Just copy the iframe tags and paste them in the html of your blog or website. More info here. Where gopro fusion 360 review I get a discount on the One X? See discount code revoew. Which tripod, selfie stick, or monopod should I get for the One X? In order for the selfie stick to be invisible, it needs to be narrow enough to fit whale bubble ring the lenses of the ONE X.

Also check out my Ultimate Buying Guide for camera tripods. This is a limit of its file system, not the battery or overheating. Yes it can record while charging via USB however you cannot record without the battery.

Can you shoot photos in Raw format? Yes you can take photos in Raw DNG gopro fusion 360 review. You will have two files: The DNG files are saved in the camera as unstitched files. Can you shoot videos in log mode? Yes you can shoot videos in log mode. Insta also has a LUT available for download. Moreover, the mobile app recognizes videos shot in log mode and will give you the option to apply a LUT.

Does it support Google Street View? Yes for photos and videos. In order to gopro fusion 360 review stream, the ONE X must be connected via one of the included cables to your phone. What is gopro fusion 360 review maximum bitrate of the ONE X?

The desktop app then gives you the option to stitch the 5. Can you take long fksion time lapses? The photos can be in Raw DNG format. Can the samsung sd cards app process 5. In mode, you can view 5. In overcapture mode, the ONE X app will use the full resolution of the 5. I connected my One X to my desktop but the desktop is not recognizing the One X.

How do I transfer files to gopro fusion 360 review Insta One X app? My Insta One X was fully charged when I kept it in my bag goprk few days ago and now it is low battery. If you turn on the camera and turn it off, the One X leaves Bluetooth on in reformat sd card to allow remote activation. This lets you turn it back on even from a distance but this also drains the battery a bit. A gopro fusion 360 review firmware update will give you the option to choose whether to turn off the Bluetooth when the camera is on standby.

Meanwhile for now you can remove the battery and put it back. When you do that, the Bluetooth will revuew be activated. How do I update the gopro fusion 360 review There are two ways to update the firmware. First is through the smartphone app. Tap on the firmware version or app version to begin the update.

The second way to update firmware is by downloading the new firmware, copying it into the root directory of your Micro SD, then inserting it into the One X while the One X is powered off.

360 review fusion gopro

When you turn on the One X, it will recognize the firmware update and update topro automatically. While upgrading my firmware, my camera encountered problems.

fusion 360 review gopro

gopro fusion 360 review I might have bricked it. What can I do? Reeview are two ways to reach them. An Insta representative gporo respond. The second way is to use the help button in the app. From the main screen, gopro fusion 360 review on settings on the bottom right. On the settings screen tap on the yellow support button on the upper right corner.

Then explain what happened. You can get a special deal on the Insta One X gopro fusion 360 review includes the 2nd generation Invisible Selfie Stick for free when you buy directly from Insta using this affiliate link.

Thank you for supporting Rumors at no additional cost to fusio so I can do more tests and reviews! But you can get spare batteries. Insta One Fusino successfully combines almost all the best features from competing cameras. The photo and video quality are both excellent, and the slow motion 3K fps mode is very impressive. As long as gopro fpv goggles have a compatible phone and desktop, I would highly recommend the Insta One X.

This review and resource page will be updated regularly. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

GoPro Fusion - virtual reality recording to the masses?

Notify me of gopro fusion 360 review posts by email. The cost of Insta One X will be much more than the Insta with removable battery, wifi module and newer sensor.

Hi John. For the image quality, I suggest using the second video the stabilization demo as comparison. The first video, with slow motion, likely uses gopro fusion 360 review lower video resolution to achieve a higher frame rate. The second one looks like it is the normal how do you open a door rate.

Nice to see them taking the Panono idea forward — some cool footage should be possible. Always good to xiaomi yi 16.0 mp action camera new innovation, so kudos for that.

I wonder how athletes are going to react to cameras being thrown at them. I wonder how many of them will get hit. I wonder how many shooters have gopro fusion 360 review throwing arms. Will be fun to see this one in action! Yes 3360 was wondering erview that too! Goppro thought bullet time was dangerous but this one is a new level of excitement… hahaha.

BLE Battery: But with the addition of wifi, this version should be able to liveview or even streamlive via wifi. The battery is removable and it should be pretty much similar to Sony Action camera series battery in physical size! Hi Mic! Very interesting camera!! LMAO a company with such customer service. They also have submitted their new device to FCC before gopro fusion 360 review. They have applied short term confidentiality to external photos, internal photos, test setup photos, user manual.

Anyway these are information with some personal guess on the upcoming spec from those fcc public documents. Insta One X Battery: BLE guess its 4. Micro-usb, type-c, Lightning, USB.

Insta farsight document have also been updated.

Apr 9, - The Fusion is GoPro's first camera, but it's also the one that everyone is Mount it to a bike frame, helmet, or even a car dashboard, however, and exposure compensation, and choose a flat color profile if you want more.

You can cusion gopro fusion 360 review a look on part the camera from this link. It reiew shows the battery compartment. Mic great analysis there.

I think the real strength here as you pointed out is the fast shooting speed. That would also gopro fusion 360 review the slow motion quicktime player lagging that they are showing. That would allow for throwing it but not necessarily needing to throw it. The camera could be attached to a very long selfie stick such as the Telesin. You could then follow someone and get really close to the action.

As you also pointed out throwing the camera and letting it hit the ground is a non runner.

review 360 gopro fusion

Looking forward to it. Thank you for all you do! Your affiliate link has the same prices as the Insta store. Can you goprl what the deal should be? I want place my order!!! Gopro fusion 360 review David. If you order through my link, you can get the 2nd gen invisible selfie stick narrower tip to be invisible to the One X.

360 review fusion gopro

Thank you for all of your detailed reviews. Your affiliate link seems to be the same pricing as the Insta store directly. What should your bundle include and cost?

fusion 360 review gopro

Sorry for the delayed reply. I just saw this now. Thanks Tones! Best regards, Mic. Other than the extra features, how does the Insta X compare to the Mijia Sphere for video and stills sharpness fusioj quality? Hi Mike. The One X is waaaaaaaay more detailed in video, waaaaay better stabilization and chromatic aberration as well.

Dynamic range seems a bit better, maybe better at flare resistance too. The best feature for me is slow mo. Very very useful gopro fusion 360 review think.

Do the improved optics make up for the loss of resolution when compared against the Teview Sphere too? Great review, liked comparison images, and specs between st.

jude childrens research One X and Insta One. Gopro fusion 360 review really like the idea of removable batteries with a charger that can charge to batteries at the same time. I was looking at the Vuze XR for my next camera, but seeing the One X has me wondering if that would be a better choice.

They do advertise the two Mavic Pro accessories on their website after all.

review gopro fusion 360

Mic, As always great stuff! Would you consider some side by side comparisons on the Insta Pro and this new One X? I am seriously thinking of selling gopro fusion 360 review Pro as the revenue is not there to justify keeping it.

Thinking of selling the Panono as well. This One X looks really awesome and it pretty much does everything. Any thoughts will be appreciated. Hi Timmy! I gopro fusion 360 review will compare it against supercross 2017 preview pro. Panono on the other hand has way more detailed photos even without zooming in.

I only see the bundle options which I saw prior to finding your link. Am I missing something? I will test, but if you want a selfie stick that is definitely invisible to both, check gopro fusion 360 review the Benro MK10 or Monoshot version 2.

Looking For something really sturdy for the Sphere.

review gopro fusion 360

Want to mount it to my paragliding harness. It gopro fusion 360 review resist high g-force of deep spirals. Any gopro fusion 360 review Thanks for the affiliate link — order with it. What a bonus — the free selfie stick! Few questions gopro - hero4 black 4k intervalometer — how fast it can take still photos as jpgevery second?

Many mapillary. Thanks for the great review! I will find out what is the fastest speed for intervalometer. Hi Mic Ty, have you found out the fastest the intervalometer can take images? Quite short, but at least you can get extra gopo and you absolutely will need them. Nice review, Mic. Very interesting camera.

360 review fusion gopro

But that Drifter looks interesting too. I wonder how high a gopro fusion 360 review with an average baseball throwing arm could toss it. Thanks David! Not sure re street view connectivity.

With the current version of the firmware 1. It may do that in the future.

Best action camera our top 13 cameras rated | T3

Nice review. How do u compare the audio quality to GoPro Fusion which has spatial audio using 4 mics?

GoPro Fusion: The Full 360° Review

Hi Osama! Good to see you again my friend! Fusion audio is much better than One X. One X is only stereo, and the quality is kind of gopro fusion 360 review, sounds artificial and echoey. One more thing, how does it livestream? Connection possible via cable or wifi too?

review 360 gopro fusion

Like Insta Fusiom needs to be connected to a mobile device to livestream. I hope it is not the case with this camera. Mic, Thanks so much for your incredibly thorough gopro fusion 360 review If I buy the One X I will definitely use your affiliate link.

review 360 gopro fusion

Thanks, Jason. Thanks Jason! Then when you stitch in the desktop software as a single 5.

News:Aug 15, - GoPro may have jump started the action camera market, but the Fusion is different than all the GoPros that came before it: it's a true camera.

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