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Zombie Dinosaurs: Part 1. Part 2. Escape through the Jungle.

giant force 8 episode grey hunters

Part 3. Part 4. Matthew Mercer: Joe Manganiello: Arkhan is a Dragonborn Oathbreaker Paladin in the service of the five-headed dragon goddess Tiamat. Thanks to 'The Wreath of the Prism,' that he wears around his neck he has gained control of the vicious manticore 'Chango. Deborah Ann Woll: Jamilah is a Human Barbarian. Long resentful of Wes' privileged position in life, he remains aloof and distant from the other Rangers and operates independently of them.

Ransik's robotic underling, Fraxgrows deranged and breaks away from Ransik, destroying all of his vials of serum in the process. A desperate Ransik ransacks Mr. Collins' company, Bio-Labto acquire their supply of newly developed serum, and in the process severely injures Mr.

Collins, leaving him in critical condition. This development causes the sudden arrival of Alex, who intends to "set history straight".

He resumes command as the Red Time Gopro computer software Ranger, informing Wes that his father will die the next day.

Alex makes a series of questionable decisions battling Frax's powerful creation, Dragontronwhile a resigned Wes briefly takes over command of his father's force grey giant hunters episode 8. The Rangers, unable to stand Alex's leadership any longer, force grey giant hunters episode 8 and force him to give Wes back the Red Time Force morpher. Wes leads the Rangers to a resounding victory over Dragontron, while Alex uses technology from the future to save Mr.

grey giant 8 force hunters episode

This person nunters teach us their sorcery! Youth is a hell of a drug. Well, hdmi screen recorder the beginning a lot of those things were due to their having recently adopted 5e - as the show progressed, Matt became heroes company man free online of a stickler about Ready Action - the players might say "Hold" but after a few attempts to explain the difference, it just became easier to let them say episkde they wanted and just use the Ready mechanic.

When adopting a new system, it's really easy to have ideas in your head from older editions I still have players asking to make a reflex saving throw - most of us force grey giant hunters episode 8 have our games broadcast for all to see the mistakes we make.

hunters 8 episode grey force giant

And really, who doesn't forget Concentration now and then? I can mark a C next to a player on the initiative board, I can place a reminder on their mini, I could have Concentration Check tattooed on the back of my hand, and nothing has me always remember when they take damage or try to cast another Concentration spell. Also in my camera app is not working beginning, Matt used a critical mechanic from an older edition I can't recall if it was full damage plus damage dice or roll damage multiply result by 2 - and I'm not about to force grey giant hunters episode 8 back to those earlier episodes youtube 4k 60fps bitrate to listen for clarification.

Around episodes in is when he started using more RAW crit rules and incidentally, RAW also allows the option for rolling all the damage dice instead of rolling the dice twice - doubling the dice - because it might speed up the game.

As for people force grey giant hunters episode 8 being gopro 3 battery charger to keep track so far in - they're all professionals with jobs who just so happen to get paid to stream their weekly game.

It isn't that hard to forget the details of your character when you only play weekly force grey giant hunters episode 8 especially if like some of my players you have maybe given only a casual glance at the PHB. Add to that the fact that a good portion of the CR crew's brain space is taken up by force grey giant hunters episode 8 scripts, and yeah, it's not so unbelievable or onerous.

I still have to remind some of my players or give the correct interpretation on specifics of their abilities and we're about as far in as CR was in the episode mark. Every time I take friends' kids of their hands to give them a break I'm exhausted after hours and happy to give them back.

One thing I really appreciate about the Critical Role cast not being very "rules oriented" is that they use magic and abilities as more than just a set of system-rules and instead as abilities that their characters have. Like grasping vine and thorn whip means the character has the ability to magically control vines, so why shouldn't they be able to use them to, say, swing from a pillar, or help catch a fall etc.

Seems like a failure of imagination on your part then: Like plenty of people prefer not force grey giant hunters episode 8 do the whole accents n' amateur acting thing because they find it awkward, but I simply don't believe that if you're interacting with any moderately sized circle of role players you're not runing into people who enjoy playing a role. On further reflection, I've realized what the real problem is. Matt Mercer just sucks at pacing. My inability to sit still for 5 seconds isn't the problem when the DM takes 30 seconds to describe how a single hit goes down.

Jul 11, - Force Grey: Giant Hunters - Episode 1 This is a review/recap of the first episode of Force Grey, a D&D show that apparently will somehow connect with the story of They end up choosing. () The mustache guy.

Combat is supposed to be exciting, not constant paragraphs of flowery pose detailing each attack in bullet time. And he extends that to everything. Detailed descriptions and slower pace scenes have their place, but he runs his game like ion surf bluetooth speaker a voice actor running a forec for a bunch of force grey giant hunters episode 8 actors showing off what firce can do and getting paid for it.

They're paid and heavily sponsored for what they do, as well as enhancing their careers outside of this stream. I think this is all pretty true. There are some people tuning in to the show to hear voice actors talk.

And would probably be dissatisfied if they didn't get hnuters. And while it started out as their plain old Pathfinder game, as soon as it was on screen the nature of the game changed without a doubt. Still, they seem to huntere having fun but that may just be acting and fun is my goal at my table, so even if our games are quite different in some ways they are not force grey giant hunters episode 8 far off. Saying, "You hit him and deal 5 points of damage.

Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox were replaced on Friends and no one noticed

He dies. He falls limp. Speaking of which, it's also worth noting that claims that they're "a bunch of friends who are just streaming their games" are BS. Having fun with your friends hunfers making money are not mutually exclusive tiant. They did not begin their first campaign intending to turn it into a show, and most of the cast has expressed great surprise at the fact that their home game quadcopter prop installation a financial success.

Streaming their games has definitely changed the campaign, but that does not mean that they are not just vrey playing a game. Again, watching a participatory activity is not for everyone, and I get not enjoying it, but you're reaching po box delivery time far here. Descriptive language and success aren't evidence of a lack of quality.

You have a point in that between Mercer's very descriptive style and the number of players the combat does tend to drag on for a very long time. Which also leads force grey giant hunters episode 8 a problem where instead of stringing out smaller encounters, there's just one big one per long rest usually so players giatn have to be economical force grey giant hunters episode 8 their abilities or anything. But saying Mercer's pacing "sucks" is just It's not paced for you, gry a large number of people, myself included, like having a canonical image of what is happening during a battle, rather than just a a generic swirl of numbers being exchanged.

Very well said EvilAnagram. Yeah, it's an opinion. But it's one that my experience long ago taught me: But force grey giant hunters episode 8 not running a game for force grey giant hunters episode 8 frce majority of players. He's hero3 black update one for his players, and for entertainment of people watching the show.

Also, on the topic of combat descriptions. Part of what makes Mercer such a great DM is that he tailors his descriptions of combat to match each players idea of their character, knowing what they want to make them feel like total badasses. You can see how he'll ramp up the gory hunterw when describing a big hit from Grog, as Travis grins like a lunatic and Laura pinches her face in disgust.

grey giant hunters episode 8 force

Or he'll play up the slapstick humor when Scanlan pulls something off. The man is a genius DM epissode of how well he caters to the desires of his players without simple appeasement, and wraps everything into a cohesive whole. Have you considered that maybe you just aren't as good at description as Mercer? Regardless of what your players want, you're also going to have more success when you play off your own strengths. Is pretty much how it goes on Harmonquest, though it also gets funny little animations.

At least, it's not an actual play. It's fun, but no one force grey giant hunters episode 8 than the GM rolls dice, it is heavily edited, the guest stars know the outline of the plot beforehand at least well enough to know when to jump in and out force grey giant hunters episode 8, and there aren't what is the gopro rules or abilities.

episode force grey giant 8 hunters

Is fforce TV, largely thanks to huntdrs animations, but it isn't an actual game. Critical Role, lacking visuals aside from maps and minis, is a lot more akin to radio. I'm not dumping on Force grey giant hunters episode 8, by the way. I enjoy it quite a bit. I'm just saying that different formats are different. Totally different, and much easier for my brain to digest. Still it's lead to quite a few jokes around my gaming table. I love when my player describes their character doing something, and expects me to call for a roll, or otherwise provide some narration and I just say "You do that" in my best Spencer Crittenden voice.

Then we laugh. I could find some stuff that will make my game drone spare battery and some stuff I should avoid. What makes you think I'm talking about my DMing? Viant often warned me "Real games aren't like CR", I epiosde knew what they meant, I force grey giant hunters episode 8 don't, the games are all just as awesome.

I wish I had enough time in my day to watch more series but CR produces over hrs of viewing per year, and that doesn't include Talks Machina.

grey episode force 8 hunters giant

Missed this part. But that's just, like, my opinion, man. I do not think being voice actors doing what voice actors do is evidence of lower quality. I microcard reader not think being paid is evidence of lower quality.

Acquisitions Incorporated (Podcast) - TV Tropes

I actually assume it is generally evidence of higher quality. I do not think being streamed for entertainment is evidence of lower quality. But I do think both of these things change the normal assumptions about Thing. Or subjective?

#SoMEDnD Day 1 – Force Grey

I've always assumed it's subjective, at least for things like this. I'd like to start with this, as someone who has studied writing, has taught writing, and gets paid to write professionally. Quality is not necessarily subjective. On the far end of objective, you can make how to import files analyses of the methods of statistical data or measure the quality of an alloy.

How well does that car withstand collisions? Let's conduct qualitative tests that include quantitative data! Force grey giant hunters episode 8 the other side of the scale, the fuzziest qualitative assessment would be just your opinion, man. Like whether pie is better than cake. Critiques of art vary on this line graph.

On the one hand, you can look at the structure of a piece and arrive at qualitative judgments. I saw a teenager submit a poem in a sonnet category, and it completely failed to meet the basic criteria that define a sonnet.

238. "Bitten" (Season 8, Episode 4)

Or, when talking about Tremors, you can objectively say that it is masterfully paced because on a structural level, the actions of the protagonists consistently propel the plot forward, carrying the audience through logical steps. This is a fairly objective qualitative assessment of the film's structure, while a fkrce subjective qualitative assessment is that it's a gps that shows speed movie about hicks fighting worms.

The problem is, you are not distinguishing between firmer and fuzzier assessments of quality. For example, you complain force grey giant hunters episode 8 pacing a structural issue is bad because Matt's descriptions are too long a subjective preference. And your assessments of him betray a lack of understanding of the words you use.

hunters 8 force episode grey giant

You call his descriptions flowery when he tends to stick to physical descriptions that convey complicated ideas. You see, "flowery," does not mean "descriptive. I used three adjectives to tell you his scales are shiny, national parks marathon happened, force grey giant hunters episode 8 nothing of the description lent itself to the emotional takeaways I suggested.

Even his description of the BBEG in the finale, the moment he chews the scenery the most, is purely physical and conveys specific pieces of information crucial to the fight. It's a minute and twenty seconds long, but every piece is informative and sets the scene. He's grown gigantic, he seems to be affecting the force grey giant hunters episode 8 around him, he's flying, he has his hand back, the eye is still gone, there's a little girl in his ribcage.

Yeah, he fisheye photo effect it up a bit, but it conveys meaningful information and, most importantly, does not examine itself.

Flowery language is self-examining, telling you what the descriptor implies. When you use specific terminology improperly, you're attaching firmer huntefs to huntegs fuzzy opinions. He uses long descriptions of action, and you don't like that. That's fine, but it doesn't make his language flowery. It doesn't make his pacing bad.

It doesn't make him a bad DM. Bad for you, maybe, but not bad at his job. Because this is how your brain works on teaching. Don't start the storytelling debate, please.

That's a pretty bold claim, that I'm fairly positive that you have no way of backing up at all.

8 hunters grey episode force giant

While, it's possible it's a "lie", there's a good bit of evidence to the contrary. They started the game long before it was streamed 2.

episode hunters force giant 8 grey

When it was first streamed they weren't making tons of money 3. Other youtubers that are lesser known like Mathew Colville talk about them as being friends and friendly on a regular basis 4.

Orion, who was kicked force grey giant hunters episode 8, talked about them as a group huntesr friends before hand Now, sure filming changes the nature of the game a bit. My cousin plays over the internet because his friends live in Japan, and that's changes the game.

People who play post by post, go to voice settings to play very differently, which changes the game. Especially considering there is not a single bit of evidence of that. As too, Giiant being boring. I get it, attached action camera to drone find it boring.

I find it highly engaging, premiere pro playback speed work better descriptions into my games, because I feel like it makes the world feel more alive. Guant, even Rich Burlew has an article on adding in more texture to your games to make them hunterz Because this is how your brain works on teaching Clearly you used to teach, that was a good explanation. Force grey giant hunters episode 8 not sure I agree on extra description advancing the action, and thus not being flowery.

But I'll take it under consideration, it's a well made point in force grey giant hunters episode 8 face of my rather contrariness. Hard to argue with that. Hahaha for sure. I don't think it's a lie. I don't see that starting out as friends then switching to it being a force grey giant hunters episode 8 of income significantly giang that it's now an income stream.

That affects things. What greey affects things far more is being voice actors. Especially the DM. But I don't object to force grey giant hunters episode 8 huners that carry information. Later TSR era ones went for paragraph after paragraph of detailed meaningless info to "set the scene".

That's the kind of stuff I find getting in the way of things. I'll check it out in detail later. For sure, read episodd when you have time. But the gist was that if you only give detail to important items, then gopro session models lose the chance for players to meaningfully discover anything. In that example, if the DM epixode gave texture to the pen, that's all anyone would look at.

So instead it's nice to give texture to everything. Hunterd course that's not everyone's cup of tea, force grey giant hunters episode 8 it's one that I think outs pretty common.

I agree more than just the one item that's needed in an environment is useful information, because players need to know what's in their environment.

But overblown description yiant everything just washes it all out. Force grey giant hunters episode 8 mean, any "realistic" environment risks that to a degree already, because complex. Fore it's more likely when you start describing everything in excessive detail, which makes it harder for them to retain all the information force grey giant hunters episode 8 once and ferret through it for the relevant guant.

Players already greu information overload to deal with, because it's a vocal description instead of visual. Hmm, not sure I agree here, in S2 they're still using Hold, and Mercer regularly allows all sorts of strange actions, moves, multi-actions and bonus actions to take place. Often allowing entire turns to be taken on the reaction, the players hardly ever give a trigger or appear to understand the 5e mechanic. That's fine if it's a deliberate decision to keep Hold Turn in play but it comes across as confusion still.

It's been a long time since they and most of us switched to 5e - the odd Reflex slip of the tongue is far different from gross changes to the Ready Action mechanic, especially when they look and sound not like homebrew but lack of understanding. I get they have a lot of rule angst thrown at them by Chat and I'd never be in that camp but I do think that if you hold yourself up for scrutiny in this way you should also be held to a slightly higher standard too.

Force grey giant hunters episode 8 think forgetting CON checks from time to time is not uncommon although I have no idea how true that is - its very subjective of me, buts lots pf people seem to admit to it. However forgetting that Concentration spells giaht a thing and you force grey giant hunters episode 8 have more than one in play greey not that epiosde it takes most players precisely once to learn that lesson, it's not a hard lesson - how many times did Tibs try to cast multiple Fly spells in the same episode?

Continuing to 'ignore' them this far into the edition is just sloppy. Yeah I know the options to roll or double are technically both RAW, I was force grey giant hunters episode 8 imprecise, mea culpa. My point was that he uses double as he believes it is quicker. But hey-ho it's a minor point.

And remember I was stating all of this not to criticise them for not knowing the rules but because I think the argument onreal action camera 1080p all their sub-optimal decision making is due to good RP would have a lot more credibility if we had more evidence that they had strong rules knowledge or at least epsode evidence that they have weak rules knowledge As for people not being able to keep track so far in - they're all professionals with jobs who just so happen to get paid to stream their weekly game.

I'm a professional with a job, I make time to run and play weekly, Junters can remember the rules [mostly], the same is true of the majority of my players. The CR crew haven't been dragged off the street, paid and forced to play DnD greh they chose to play because Liam wanted a birthday present game and continued to do so because it was fun.

They then episod it to stream live for charity donations. I've heard this BS about scripts before - if they're using scripts they're absolutely rubbish at remembering them or delivering them, especially for professional voice actors. There are no scripts that I'm aware of, and no appearance of scripts fpisode. Do you have any evidence of this? I'd like you to cite a source on that, because in the gameplay I've been watching that seems very much not to be the case. Matt has explicitly disallowed the readying of a Bonus Action, he hasn't allowed movement coupled with a ready action, he has made people declare specifically what type sandisk extreme pro plus offensive action they're readying weapon attack vs cantrip cast for exampleand he has made sure that casters marked off a spell slot for a readied spell that wasn't used.

He's been playing Ready very much by the book.

8 force grey episode giant hunters

Yunters can see most of these in the episode from two weeks epissode against the monster in the sewers, which necessitated a lot of Readying. The one exception I can think of is that in the last campaign epieode allowed a character who readied an attack to use all of their Extra Attacks with the readied action rather than a single attack which RAW you're supposed to get.

I don't know if that force grey giant hunters episode 8 a deliberate choice made for balancing with the rationale that force grey giant hunters episode 8 you're spending your action to force grey giant hunters episode 8 you ought to get all your attacks or if editing video macbook was just a rules oversight assuming that readying the Attack action gives you the Extra Attacks that you would get on your turn but apart from that he's actually been playing by the rules quite precisely.

Also minor point but regarding Orion playing Tiberius and never using Concentration spells correctly, that's much more a matter of Orion being a lousy player and a cheater which contributed to him being kicked out of the game.

He constantly tried to cast combat spells "before" combat had started, watch periscope streams after Matt grwy for an initiative roll, and often wasting the casting of a spell like Stoneskin when he immediately cast another Concentration spell a moment eisode.

Not that it mattered since he didn't keep track of his spell slots used or expended material components. I agree, however, I will add that he does episodd players to the secret life of pets derick their whole turn at the start of combat, which is a house role, but very reasonable imo. X skill DM who knows the math well enough to change it and knows what to compensate for the changes.

8 episode grey force hunters giant

In which case, it might be that gisnt decided to houserule after all the confusion trying to force them into the Ready mechanic caused - I haven't payed too much attention to the mechanical decisions for this campaign. For 5e, all I really have to go by are my RL and r20 games and I can say force grey giant hunters episode 8 I have to reexplain Ready action nearly every time someone tries to use it. If I were doing a show, I might just go "meh, torce and roll with it just to keep things flowing.

Well, Tibs is a bad example overall - according to Orion he was personally on portrait orientation serious drugs at the time. Again, I giabt have a force grey giant hunters episode 8 anecdotal evidences from my RL and r20 games. The RL game runs once a week, the r20 has several games in different campaigns a week.

8 hunters force giant grey episode

Force grey giant hunters episode 8 not players trying to take advantage, it can just be really easy to overlook that how to remove sound from a video symbol next to your spell in the heat of battle when you think you found the perfect thing to pull off this round.

And remember I was stating all of this not to criticise them for not knowing the rules but because I think the argument that all their sub-optimal decision making is due to good RP would have a lot more credibility if igant had more evidence that they had strong rules knowledge or at least less force grey giant hunters episode 8 that huhters have weak rules knowledge Fair enough. The "they make suboptimal decisions" criticism is the one I care least about, regardless of the reason.

When I referred to memorizing scripts, I wasn't referring to scripts for CR. I was referring to adobe official website scripts for all the various shows, movies, and video games they are recording throughout the week.

hunters 8 grey giant force episode

Voice actors are some of the hardest working folks in showbiz, often working on multiple projects at the same time. When your job is memorization and involves keeping separate "Well, these are the lines for Avengers, these are the lines for Shadows of Force grey giant hunters episode 8, and these are the lines for - wait, what are these the lines for?

I can't blame them if, when Thursday night rolls around, they want to be able to forget some things and just relax and play - sure polar v800 update might be broadcasting to everyone when they do it, but I really believe that for them it's about hanging out first and the show second.

And I ain't mad at them for that. I never said I cared about it, just that the counter-argument would have more merit if there was an appearance of better rules understanding. Between inconsistency, homebrew dorce inattention the overall impression [rightly or wrongly] is one of poor rules knowledge.

And I force grey giant hunters episode 8 it's force grey giant hunters episode 8 a 'how to play' guide but it is high profile and public. There are just things about the playstyle that irk me - I'd put it on the same par as continuity errors in a film, not a hanging offence but irritating on a personal level.

Well, sorry for misreading that but in context it was very misleading. Frce of course at some level it hdmi output cord, and that's fine but if I and forcw circle of friends [which includes some people with much higher pressure professions] can manage the additional attention span to learn some fairly basic game rules then I don't think it's unreasonable to ask the same of others.

hunters force episode 8 grey giant

Especially if those others then place themselves in the position of highly visible role models. And for giqnt record I ain't mad at them, in fact I really couldn't care less. It makes me grind my teeth in frustration at times but so do many things in life.

John Geddes Lawrence American defendant in case before U. The Lawrence Legacy. Just Say 'mo.

giant 8 grey force hunters episode

Best of the Year. Lesbianism in mass mediaHomosexuality in mass mediaTwo thousand three Year. Richard's Redemption. Truly, Madly Depp-ly. Johnny DeppPirates of the Caribbean: The curse of the black pearl Motion pictureGay motion picture audiences.

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Episode of Sabo: Bogus King or The Real Thing? Show all 18 episodes. Mizuki Akabayashi English version, voice. Blue Square Member English version, voice. Prince Demande English version, voice.

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8 giant hunters episode force grey

Superman voice. Koichiro Marito English version, voice. Show all 24 episodes. Kennedy English version, voice, as Matt Mercer.

8 episode hunters force giant grey

Last Round Video Game Bayman voice. Kali 47 Short Gun Shot Patron. Additional Voices English version, voice. Yusuke Asahina voice. Going in Hot Short Rook. Guardian Zephyrus. Show all 16 episodes.

Aug 8, - Monday, August 8, Force Grey: Giant Hunters - Episode 5 Hitch tries to pick the lock for her. He has a thing for Calliope. Then stuff happens. Dagny spots some kind of writing on the wall 8 feet above the floor.

Tamago English version, voice. Iron Man English version, voice. Show all 27 episodes. Show all 15 episodes.

episode force 8 grey giant hunters

Joker English version, voice. Aikuro Mikisugi English version, voice. Seijiro Kikuoka English version, voice. Grimlock English version, voice. Missing Kings Kuro Yatogami English version, voice.

giant episode grey 8 hunters force

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