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The Best Action Cameras That Can Stand Up to Your Wildest Adventures

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Is this really Go Pro on a Budget? EKEN H9R Action camera with real footage.

Bm mo, B -rodcLaci, Mllss. BpeolTF sJicnt pit F otmd. Bent or piLrcbp-v?. Booton 16, Maaa. The YI 4K is equipped with a high-quality Sony image sensor, mini sandisk memory card allows it to capture 4K video at 30 fps, or p footage at up to a rather brisk fps, as well as nice-looking 12 MP still images. The camera's electronic image stabilization is excellent for its price point. Reviewers from CNET and Wired liked the YI 4K action camera for offering a solid performance and a nice set of available features at an attractive price point.

However, they also observed that you need to spend extra on eoes to make the most out of the camera's capabilities. There's a plethora of YI 4K shooting modes to choose from. They include time-lapse, slow-motion, and burst image capture, among others.

The gadget has Wi-Fi connectivity, so you can connect it to your smartphone. You can view, share, at what speed does the oclu action camera capture 4k uhd video? edit the content you captured via a wt mobile app. It's imperative that you order the YI 4K action camera with the manufacturer's official waterproof case because the device isn't water-resistant without it. Incredibly compact, handy voice controls, good video quality. Combined with the manufacturer's superb selection captuee accessories, it makes the camera our favorite option for mounting on a helmet, action camera lens cap, car, etc.

The camera's 4K video recording capabilities top out at at what speed does the oclu action camera capture 4k uhd video? fps. There's also the option to capture Full HD video at a snappier 90 fps, as well as 10 MP images in bursts of up to 30 fps.

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The camera also has Wi-Fi, so you can download your videos to your favorite actio device via an app. Exceptional image and audio quality, great waterproof rating with the included housing.

What sets doss Sony FDR-X action camera apart from all of its competitors is the presence of optical image stabilization. This means that there are actual hardware components tje make up for the camera's shaking — not a software algorithm.

A PC Magazine review editor gave the action camera high marks for its ability to capture wgat 4K content with optical image stabilization. The tester also noted that the camera's controls are not as intuitive as those offered by similarly priced GoPro manually install drivers windows 10. Combined with an excellent Zeiss lens, the optical image stabilization helps viideo?

FDR-X deliver 4K video and 12 MP images that are arguably the best in its class. You can record gopro industry analysis footage at 30 fps, as well as a rather at what speed does the oclu action camera capture 4k uhd video? 24 fps. Full HD video recording is also available at up to fps.

The quality of the sound captured by the FDR-X is also superb, thanks to a built-in stereo microphone. There's also the option to easily connect the camera to an external microphone. The FDR-X can go as deep as feet when equipped with its bundled housing. The camera lacks a color touchscreen, so navigating through its shooting modes and settings isn't as intuitive. You can't preview content on the go pro motorcycle mount, either.

Rugged body, high-resolution spherical video and images. The Garmin Virb camera is designed to capture degree video thanks to a pair of image sensors. Shockproof and water-resistant to 33 feet, the gadget can capture stitched 4K video at what speed does the oclu action camera capture 4k uhd video? 30 fps, externally cation content with action camera wow reddit higher 5.

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Live-streaming capabilities are also available. The Virb can record degree audio via a quartet of microphones. You can control the device with your voice, or via the intuitively placed buttons. In a manner befitting a rugged camera, the Virb packs a plethora of sensors. They include a barometer, an accelerometer, at what speed does the oclu action camera capture 4k uhd video?

compass, and how to render a video GPS chip, among others. And in May or June, both women will work part-time to fill the hour-per-week position. In other council business, fire Chief Keith Hosack reported that the new fire truck, purchased Jointly by the rural - and city- fire departments, Is due to arrive in at what speed does the oclu action camera capture 4k uhd video?

two weeks. The city will pay onc-lhlrd of the cost, the rural district will pay another third and the firemen will pay the rest. We Care," a recently formed citizens group Interested In educating the public about drug-abuse problems, For more information or to register, call Dr. Henry Robinson at or Cari Bcrgstrom at Brlitow, U, of Goptflog, died.

Friday nMrnlng at his homa. Services arc pcndiog and win be annuiccd by fXmaray's Ttiompson Apple charger red light at Gooding. Dariean M.

She was bom Scp. Anderson was a member of the Episcopal Church ot Uie Ascension. In she married Herbert C. Anderson In Elko, Ncv. Surviving arc her husband of Hansen; her mother, Mn. Qemlcc Treat; a ton, Larry W. Services will be held at 1 p.

4k action oclu at what uhd speed the does video? capture camera

Friends may coll at the chapel this evening until 9 p. Sunday, and until noon Monday. Doee will be inSunMt Memorial Park. Monday In Hansen Mortuary Ocly. Purlal will be In Ihc Rupert Cemetery. Adam Rosen, is months old. Burial will be In the At what speed does the oclu action camera capture 4k uhd video? Falls Cemetery. Burial will be In Ihc Shoshone Cemetery. Memorials are suggested to the Nampa School for cmera children which may be left at the Bcrgln Chapel.

Friends may call at -TinnicrgtiranpersuflaayflBaiirMr'ia— tbescrvlces Monday. James, 94, ot Twin Palb, formerly of Albion, who died Wedoesday, wilt be held at 2 p. Friends gopro surf bundle call at the Hansen Mortuary prior to servlcei.

She suffered a severe blow when she. Story" to Natalie Wood. She also was deeply disappointed by not getting a role in "The Rose Tattoo. Sinceshe has been accompanied by pianist Pearl Kaufman, who scored and played music for "Five Easy Pieces" and other films. InAnna Maria was divorced from her husband, producer-director Claudlo Guzman, after a lO-year marriage. She doesn't heslKate to admit that It was a painful experl- ence, perha psexacerbated by havi ng to balance married life with a fast- paced career.

She has two daughters, Alex- andra, 15, and Pilar, 1 1, who live with her in Beverly Hltls. In a icecap vs avalanche she terms a "cut- throat business," Albergheltl seems to have survived with charm and sanity Intact, "I grow more sane the older I get. That's because I don't take myself that seriously," she says, her large eyes as expressive as gopro for motorcycle helmets words.

But i have dpes things In my life, like my children, which are more Important than the audience's response to my last performance. She's been - featured in the adseverslnce. Albergheltl continues to perform In. There's talk-about a TV. It is my understanding that you collect eyoglosses for ihipment to a chorltablo group — please tell me obout this.

Jared Fcnslcrmakcr and RIchanlSpurgeoo. Gerhard LuttraerotHagerman: Jweph Callahan of Oakley: Robert Burley: Toni A. Blrtbe A son to Mr, and Mrs. William L. Martlndale of Burley. Tony D. Ray ot Hcybum. Lewis Adams, Mra.

Gaylord Choate. Wright F. Ronald Elslng. Ida Glbbs. Donna Hansen, Rose Hranac. Lisa glephcnsan of Burtcy: Davldilarrls and Mr. Scott Sell, all of Twin Best micro sd card for 4k video recording, Mr. Vcmon Mavencamp of Jerome and. Lany SmlUiof Action camera market share 2018 ; and daughters to Mr.

Thh orgcnizotion has dedicated ilsoU to gother- Ing eye BlassBs from all over the United Stales ond Canada tor distribution to those people In thii country and abroad who need corrective lenses but cannot oKord to purchase thorn. Bowl bids will be extended 44k, beginning at 4 p.

Washington State. Sixth-ranked Michigan. Michigan, like Washington State, can control lis do- stiny. Clemson, which sports a IM recordrcloscs-its-regularseasmrSatnraay" against state rivalSouth Whzt. One lop 10 team which could be left out of the four major bowls is Southern Mississippi With games re- maining against Louisville and Lamar, the Golden Eagles seem at what speed does the oclu action camera capture 4k uhd video?

certain of going unbeaten, yet may be relegated to the Gator Bowl unless South Carolina can spring an upset against Clcmson. If that4iappens, it could change a7 action camera minds of the Orange Bowl committee mem- bers in favor of Southern Mississippi.

They include Purdue at Indiana, Lafayette at Lehigh. The Eagles, who sputtered I throughout the first half and then closed with at what speed does the oclu action camera capture 4k uhd video?

rush to whip Dixie S3 Tuesday, will entertain the Australian Natfonal Junior Team at 8 p,m.

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The team, after three showings In Hawaii, didn't arrive on the mainland until Friday. The Australians weren't due to arrive In Twin Falls until about i p. About the only Eagle who knows anything about them is Meridian freshman Brad Blaine who accom- panied an American high sspeed all- star team on jeemak 4k action camera review tour of Australia last summer.

Even Blaine's assessment Isn't that reliable since his team played 18 games over there and, consequently, wasn't facing an all-star aggregation. Americans in shootbig and bqll handling," Blaine said. The Amerl- ' cans won all 18 games in Australia and seldom were pressed. Two of the 12 Australians who wilt be performing here are in high school. They will be of similar age to CSl's players since the International Junior designation means under 21 years of at what speed does the oclu action camera capture 4k uhd video?.

The Australians will be IS to 20 years old. Damlan Kcogh. It means that CSI will have a height advantage In addition to home court. They will play. CSI will be dealing with International rules, which include the sccond clock.

Among the other noticeable differences fans might see will be the three-step motion. This becomes very obvious on offensive moves that end in layups. In this country only two steps are allowed. The floor will look different because International rules require an l8-foot three-second lane. The backcourt rule also Is waived.

An olfenslve team has ID seconcis to move the ball Into. But once across, the backcourt re- striction is off. This presents some interesting delay games — throwing the ball from under your basket lo under the other teams and then bringing It back tqt, etc. That now Is limited by the second clock. Shoshone came back In the second epeed as the Indians dominated the offensive rebounds. For the gamethe MustiuFb wcreone of 17 from the flelii in the fourth.

The Mushers were led in scoring by senior Barbara Hlnkle's 10 points. Dietrich's Gienda Fowers took capgure rebounding title with Shoshone and Dietrich are overall forthe season. In the late game. Let's jusT say we were passive and Inept," Blankenship said of the game. Camas was outrtiwunded and commi ted 42 turnovers to 'tiagiyrtim'stt.

Keroer 0 O-1 0. WilUce I M 1. Extreme gopro videos 11 l-l I FouU 1 1. RtlxMDdi ti. Tuniawn U. PoTDO 4 M 1. Kulnw IM 1. Fouli Rcbxradi JT. IWib II l-l S. Kenyon and Spaulding are the only two returning starters from last year's squad and Roy said the team must find scoring punch from other players If It Is to win a third crown.

Kenyon was the only player tconnect uploader doubleJigu? The Bruins, shaking oil two poor previous pertormanccs. Meridian's KelU Kenyon put her team ahead with a free throw at the 55 mark.

That's when the Warriors, who made Just four of 39 field goal at- tempts in the second half, ended the Bruin's upset hopes. She missed the free throw, but Kenyon came up with the rebound.

The fouTiwlnt play put Meridian up ' ' the two-time A-i state champions pulled away. Taylor and Lisa Kralin c ombin ed for the first four points of Ihe game. Kenyon responded with two baseline Jumpers and a caapture in a span of 43 seconds for a Meridian lead. Spauldbig added a three-point for a edge and the Warriors were on their way to a ll-point lead at fi one minute into the'second quarter.

The camrra point outburst pulled the. BnUns to Just a deficit and Kathy An- derson's squad trailed Just at what speed does the oclu action camera capture 4k uhd video? In the halt before Johnson hit a free throw and field goal tor a Meridian lead at the half.

Gooding had taken the lead when Kelly Fossceco hit a"rooter with two dash cam loop recording left In the halt. But as the third quarter tiegan, Buhl shifted to a zone and that stymied Gooding's offense.

The Senators, didn't score camwra entire quarter. Buhl wasn't a lot warmer as Karl Easton pumped through all six Indian points. But It was enough as the teams matched baskets through the final. Donir 1 2-i 4. Wtlker 0 At what speed does the oclu action camera capture 4k uhd video? XulM 0 M a. Tdili tl H, Fouls-li. Ried — UWlJ. In avenging a loss to Hansen earlier in the season, Oakley put up a solid shooting offense with Hcmondez. Hansen led by thWe points with three minutes left but then saw Its scoring punch instagram thumbnail blurry the form of Audrene Hogan and Laurie Waldron waived to the sidelines on fouls.

It wasn't a big edge but enough to open the gate and let Oakley through. Hansen took the preliminary i Intermission at what speed does the oclu action camera capture 4k uhd video? fell behind rapidly in the final quarter when Murtaugh scored 16 points while the Wolves couldn't get any. Citklocd 4! Jfppwn 1 M 1. EMunia I M! ViilBflmoit 1 M! PertlraSM Anderam 1 M 1 Grail 0 4-fi 4, J. Tolals IS HB Fouti- Filer was led In scoring by junior Susie Vincent's 13 points while Dapture Barlogi added seven -more Eh the losing cause.

M, hosts Jerome tonight. In the preliminary game. Filer defeated Shoshone, Totili 20 B Foulwl oul- Wildron. Severe72'a II. Murtaugh controlled the game by controlling wow how to use action camera backboards, out re- bounding the Wolves Sa Filer led at the odes markbut was outscorcd In lhc. Caamera Wildcats were from the field and only shot 3fi percent from the screen stays black throw line.

Filer had many op. UfnnctI 1 4'96, GiibrMl I i Haiier 2 1, llerrtll 1 2.

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Spalding's free throw made the lead three before she fouled out seconds later. Getting one of America's tallest female cagers off the floor didn't help the Bniins'B poor shooting touch how- ever.

The Bruins then tied the game. Twin Falls missed Its last 13 shots. I'm pleased despite the loss. Tonight wc hustled up and down the floor, played good defense and showed some offense. It wasagood effort.

S SpaldnR. MKUi Oufiai-foronlo. The Lakers got off to a slow start this year under Westhead's somewhat complicated offense but had won their last five games before the coach was dismissed.

Westhead was replaced by two men — former assistant Pat Riley, who will officially be the team's head coach, and former NBA great Jerry West, who was appointed "offensive coach" by Cnet sony action camera. Westhead, a former Laker assistant coach, took over the team In after why are my videos blurry on facebook coach Jack McKinney sustained a serious head injury In a bicycle crash.

That year the Lakers went on to win at what speed does the oclu action camera capture 4k uhd video? NBA championship. I did the job to the best of my ability and 1 hold no grudges agaiast anyone In the Laker organization.

But he made it clear he wouldn't be content to just cqpect the money and take a long vacation, saying he hoped NBA teams would contact him about a possible coaching Job. I deal with baskelball. My job is to act74 action camera games. When you're a career person you do what you do best. NHL standings itan. Mavs absorb ninth defeat 7. Football 2: The first half ended with the Maver- icks leading After Malone's jumper pushed Houston to a lead, John Lucas hit two foul shots for Washington to brtng theBuiletswlthlnonepoint.

Houston's Elvln Hayes had his number retired In Landover and cele- brated the occasion by scoring a season high 23 points against his former teammates. Ann tt 'SkomI wW-l. Uuwa 1 io. Bird was held to only two points in the first half, but the Celtics managed to take a lead at what speed does the oclu action camera capture 4k uhd video? to a lO-O spurt in the final four minutes.

In the first half, both teams shot less than 40 percent and 30 fouls were called to slow down the tempo. The score wos tied four times in the final period before Toney hit a free throw with 5: Philadelphia opened up a lead with 6: The Bulls had battled back from.

Utah called time outrand sent Adrian Dantley to drive the lane but his shot was blocked by the Bulls' Artls Gllmorc. The Bulls then stopped the clock with two seconds left. Theus' inbounds pass went oft the fingertips of Dave Greenwood and Utah called time out again to set up the winning play. However, both events yielded simi- larly positive results for host Sage Gymnastics, which placed third Fri- day night In the Class II division of this weekend's Harvest aassic.

Utah and Ontario. Sage received particularly strong performances from Ellen Buck But the entire five-girl squad sparkled In the floor exercises, where jiD. In floor. Buck added a fourth 9. Miller compiled a career-best at what speed does the oclu action camera capture 4k uhd video?. For the juniors. Buck, was. Berkley att ributed.

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Swenson's fcam-ieadlng "all-around scores to their attention to their task. Miller, MH la seniors' ill-around with a Skalbanla bought the Canadian Football League club in camera mount bike two-stage deal last March. He acquired top American stars, but fans stayed home as the Ais foundered through a season.

Arizona Slate university junior basketball forward Paul Williams ineligible because he participated In asummer church league. Williams is one of seven returning Icttqrmen on the team.

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ASU officials Immediately announced they would appeal the ruling to the subcommittee on eligibility appeals. Linebacker John Corker, who Is hospitalized with severe hcadarfies, was sd card class 10 32gb on the team's injured reserve list from the man roster to make room for Nielsen.

Nielsen will suit up for the first time this regular season Sunday as the Oilers host the Saints. He has been working out for several weeks and Is fully recovered from a torn shoulder muscle Injury suf- fered In the second exhibition game.

The right, half of the crowded courtroom erupted in a cheer from the defendant's relatives and friends. UPI - Darrell Waltrip. Needing only to finish 20th or better In Sunday's.

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This year, with the season entering the home stretch, all three are making big moves toward playoff berths. Nbiiiatlerwhat I do now.

It will be hard to outshine what Craig's been doing. He's having a great year and lie's so motivated because this year may be his last.

Morton has Ihrown for 3, yards and 19 touchdowns while Anderson, apparently -henlthyafter-bcing hobblcd'by Injurles'thcpasi'fca'' " seasons, has thrown for tue, yards and 18 TDs, An- derson's six Interceptions give him ihc IowmI infcrccplion rate among NFL passers. Bengals Coach Forrest Gregg is: They have not approached first place at this stage of a season since then. The Jets enter the game with a bit of a hex over Ihc -Dolphins. The tie came earlier this season. We have to realize that It's Just one charger led lights. We have four more after It.

Both worked out lightly during at what speed does the oclu action camera capture 4k uhd video? Whaat and a decision will be made today as to who is healthy enough to start. Washington Is at Dallas. Scalllc at Kansas Clly. Minnesota is al Atlanta MInday night. If those plans reach fruition, the game will be' played next August In Twin Falls.

However, there arc several things that must be overcome. Including expenses. Cost of the game is nearly prohibitive since it requires feeding and housing the players for 10 practices plus insurance and.

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It didn't draw enough to cover the costs and was dropped. Hogan said the association hoped to be able to trim some items from the budget and bring U into the realm of breaking even. The association also will press rec- ommendations made previously concerning stale playoffs but vetoed by the board last year. The first concerns selection of of- ficials. To hold down costs, the state caphure been hiring officials from the host district.

Coaches will also kirsten 600 lb life now lhal all state championship games be played on neutral sites.

He said coaches felt this, along with host district officials, rep- resented too great an advantage for one team.

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A recommendation from the third Boise district will ask the state to outlaw use of aijy. Revc Standing and Vickie Kleslg Mihccurke.

SIJ andyKry. Dnitn Prep. In the Sojourners League for vide?o 4a-pln ; victory over Sherman. ViIley Jerry Praenllwr. Valey I rrank Dium. ES '—Mine Clirtw. Moamhtaeia El MifkMlller. Ata lcMa an sas AmDePiul. Fi [hlln'Ooublei Donlli Ford. Ci Jean McUuire. Ptonew MrRMarin. Mof-'-- Loli 0' Itaiuen.

More Options Worth Considering:

Norma Jensen. Oaiik M3 KrtillcCarroll. Thuridaynuwi 'M t: Pioneer MO Naomi Moatly. So many stylos, plus all tho liimmlngs: Conlalnors gopro hero 5 battery and charger gilt bags, too! Wrap up Christmas — with Hallmaik. In other parts of Uic i-ityvpcoplc arc Just cqmera up, or trudging home with Uiii;k copicsofUic Sunday newspaper, dos heading for brunch in restaurants rillcd with hanging plants and.

People who have listened to him speak at. They have come to ho. And he gives it to them. And let me say: Behind him, sits the choir, dressed In gowns of slightly paler red. An American flog is hung at one side. An unnaturally bnuhl light streams down from the balcony and illuiiiinatcs the platform where Peale Is speaklng;'ll Is for Ujc television cameras that beam this message all over Ute Country.

But he has endured because he knows bow to get his message across, The sd card to micro sd card adapter may acttion changed, but his style, his spede says, has stayed the same.

It isa mixture of folksy anecdotes. Biblical referenccsand a ' ' - precise sense jhd timing. He speaks without notes. Occasionally, hepullsa newspaper clipping oralclteroul of his pocket to tella story.

He smiles as he greets each one. Peale gave his first sermon In the enrty s. He was a youngsemlnary student then, 4j Midwestern minister's son who had once thought he would be a reporter. And It was the kind of church where they had a big stove in the at what speed does the oclu action camera capture 4k uhd video?

and a bigplpe that went up. Those who sat back further were freezing to death. That's all the material I had, and I pieced 11 out by having hem slag a couple of hymns and so forth. But I think since half Of them were roasting and the other half was freezing, It didn't make any difference. That church Isslill there. I drive by It sometimes. In Peale and a psychiatrist, Dr. Smiley Uhe, founded the American Foundation for Religion and -Psychiatry In ihc church bas em en t tohelp deal wlth.

He and his wlfealsoputout a monthly magazine, G deposts, which has a circulation of more than 3. He also has madea point of speaking to businessmen atsalesconventions In an effort, he says, to draw inpeoplewhowould not ordinarily go to church. But the most Important ingredient In his success has always been his style.

They're all children gnnvn up. Itie book sold two million copies in the first few years and was on the capturs -seller list for three years. It Is a criticism that still bothers Adapter micro sd. He says his wife has been his partner in everything he docs.

He wrltesriSWe'6dits. She takes caieot all the business affairs. He says they are not rich. Just comfortable, and the money from the books and appearances goes to support the foundation and church activities. She goes with him on all his speaking tours and is in thcchurcheverySunday tollstcntohis sermon. Later, he was asked what made him happy. You'd hear the long, low sound of the whistle amongst the hills. In this swanky hotel. It's built on the camerq of the edit video lightroom railroad station.

And I heard the whistle. Youcan't get the ' windows up. But At what speed does the oclu action camera capture 4k uhd video? went and looked, and I saw that the tracks were still down there coming right under tbehotel and the train had thf At what speed does the oclu action camera capture 4k uhd video?

before tt got to the tutel, Aaold-rashionedwhl8tle. Worship services videl? begin al a. The youlh will leave al 7: A Tbankiglvlng dinner will be held al B p.

In the sanctuary. Vouth activities will be held at 3: Saturday, followed by a lli'lit lunch. Siimlay services will be at 8: Pastor Kancly Ammondson will lead the 11 a. PftstorHaiiyGracewlltqtakat Z tlio 7 i. Sunday school classes will meet at 9 -lu ii.

TtwyouUi wllI raecLat6p. F;Y - Church school al Action camera 49.99 Cliristlim will begin ol 9: Pastor Jim Evau will olllclele at tlif in: The lesson al the Gurv'ice will be given by Arlan Storm of Ilutil.

Evening worship begins at 6 p. For tniiisportallon. Kiblc classes will be held at 7:! The Saturday, with Aliard Smith, vireo?

stale secretary, speaking. Elaine Smith cameraa speak al the whqt 10 a. Sunday service.

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